Unleash the Potential of ServiceNow
Seamlessly align your enterprise transformation with IT Business Management thanks to the iServer365-ServiceNow Integration

Play to the Strengths of ServiceNow

ServiceNow is one of the most popular ITSM platforms for a reason, but that doesn’t mean it can do everything

  • Let ServiceNow be ServiceNow and take control of your digital transformation with a tool that is specialized for the task
  • iServer365 integrates with ServiceNow to deliver capabilities that are more than the sum of their parts

Reduce Technology Costs

Exploring the need for Application Rationalization

Reduce Technology Costs

Flexible, Bi-Directional Integration with ServiceNow CMDB

  • Ensure IT asset information is accurate and synchronized across ServiceNow and iServer365
  • Import business applications, software models, hardware models and servers using predefined integrations
  • Create any-to-any mappings between ServiceNow records and iServer365 object types

Understand Business Capability Maturity

Accelerate Your Digital Future

  • iServer365 provides cloud capabilities for you to navigate the real obstacles to successful digital transformation
  • Native integrations with the Microsoft365 suite enable users to engage with stakeholders from across the business
  • Support for the core disciplines of digital transformation provides high level oversight while ServiceNow empowers your execution

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CIO Challenges

The Overwhelming Imperative to Move to The Cloud

CIO Challenges
Internal Lifestyle Phase

Get the Best of Both Worlds with ServiceNow and iServer365

  • Remove the pain of repository maintenance and enable impactful decisions
  • Let each tool play to their strengths and eliminate duplication
  • Don't let data issues increase your risk or prevent cost savings

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