Unleash the Potential of ServiceNow
Seamlessly align your enterprise transformation with IT Business Management thanks to the iServer365-ServiceNow Integration

Play to the Strengths of ServiceNow

ServiceNow is one of the most popular ITSM platforms for a reason, but that doesn’t mean it can do everything

  • Let ServiceNow be ServiceNow and take control of your digital transformation with a tool that is specialized for the task
  • iServer365 integrates with ServiceNow to deliver capabilities that are more than the sum of their parts

Align your IT Portfolios

Align your enterprise transformation with IT Business Management, with ServiceNow

Align your IT Portfolios

Flexible, Bi-Directional Integration with ServiceNow CMDB

  • Ensure IT asset information is accurate and synchronized across ServiceNow and iServer365
  • Import business applications, software models, hardware models and servers using predefined integrations
  • Create any-to-any mappings between ServiceNow records and iServer365 object types

Understand Business Capability Maturity

Accelerate Your Digital Future

  • iServer365 provides cloud capabilities for you to navigate the real obstacles to successful digital transformation
  • Native integrations with the Microsoft365 suite enable users to engage with stakeholders from across the business
  • Support for the core disciplines of digital transformation provides high level oversight while ServiceNow empowers your execution

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CIO Challenges

The Overwhelming Imperative to Move to The Cloud

CIO Challenges
Internal Lifestyle Phase

Get the Best of Both Worlds with ServiceNow and iServer365

  • Remove the pain of repository maintenance and enable impactful decisions
  • Let each tool play to their strengths and eliminate duplication
  • Don't let data issues increase your risk or prevent cost savings

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