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iServer Solves Problems for Application Architects.

iServer’s strong application architecture capabilities make it an invaluable asset for your company. Our solution will help you manage the overall technical vision and plan the application landscape in a way that maximizes resource utilization while minimizing cost and effort. Below we go into more details as to how iServer supports your application architecture initiative and ensures you meet business requirements.

iServer is a platform created to solve problems. Its extensive functionality exists to cater to your every need, so you can feel confident about embarking on the most difficult of tasks. Please find below some of the most frequent issues that iServer helps application architects resolve.


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Ensure data is kept up to date

How do I ensure data is kept up to date at all times?

Any architecture, be it application, infrastructure or data has to be up to date if it is to bring any benefits to the enterprise. If it is outdated, then any judgement derived from it is not based on facts, and that usually entails a host of problems. To avoid this, application architects benefit from a central repository to collaborate within, and they also have the possibility to bulk import application data, as well as schedule automatic imports. This way, they can avoid duplication or illegitimate changes to content, which guarantees their work is always first class.

relationship between applications and business

How is the relationship between an application and other areas of the business?

Managing an application portfolio, especially in a large enterprise, is an important activity. Still, it can be quite a daunting task depending on the size of the company. Using iServer’s Hierarchy Views, you can display the relationship between different object types within the repository. This will let you visualize applications related to other parts of the business in order to assess their importance and allow you to make sound recommendations.

Application Contribution to business strategy

How does a specific application contribute to the overall business strategy?

An overcrowded application portfolio means increased costs and extra effort required to make sense of it for any one task. Ideally the enterprise would function with a set of core applications that would provide a lot of value, and thus contribute towards effective and efficient operations. Naturally, this isn’t always the case. Mergers, acquisitions or simply bad management often lead to an artificially inflated application portfolio. So how do you identify what contributes to the business strategy and what doesn’t?

By using a hierarchy view, users can easily identify which applications contribute to overall business strategy. This is because this type of view lets you see the relationship between physical application components, capabilities, goals and drivers. This way, you can quantify its value to the company, but this capability would also be of interest to a large group of stakeholders responsible for managing applications and strategy.

 Rationalize individual portfolios

How do I rationalize individual portfolios?

Application portfolio rationalization is a strong driver of value for enterprises. Architects are expected to regularly report opportunities for gaining efficiencies to management, which is why it takes a high place on their task list. By providing capabilities for visualizing what capabilities are supported by a higher than average number of applications, iServer enables users to identify certain capabilities where there is a real possibility of there being an opportunity to rationalize the individual portfolio since the load would be carried by the remaining applications. The Impact Analysis Visualization tool is great at identifying important applications, on which a great deal of capabilities rely.

Identify relationships between applications

What is the relationship between certain applications?

iServer provides a wealth of resources to build your application architecture. Part of this is made up of diagrams that provide an example of how to design your work according to the highest standard. Such a diagram is iServer’s Kiosk Integration diagram. Application communication can be complex but by using this diagram you can quickly understand how applications communicate to each other. This diagram can be shown to a variety of stakeholders on all organizational levels and be certain they will be able to comprehend it.

How to communicate a summary of application landscape

How do I communicate a summary of the application landscape instantly?

As an architect, you may have interesting and valuable information to convey. However, if it isn’t packaged the right way, your efforts might yield less than you hope. iServer’s dashboards are a great way to illustrate a large amount of information at a glance, and do so at a level that is accessible to a wide range of stakeholders. Consider, for example, the Application Summary view template which has the capability to visualize applications in multiple ways all on one template. It is a great means of enhancing communication with your audience, whoever they may be.

Plan application landscape for the future

How can I plan my application landscape for the future?

Designing your application architecture with an eye to the future ensures you consistently provide high quality work to other departments and as a result contribute towards the enterprise’s success. In order to be able to address potential negative situations in the future, iServer’s core Application diagram shows the application landscape at particular points in time. As a result, if an organization has multiple applications in the future all delivering the same capability, architects can act to right the situation. This helps with informed decision making, rationalization and cost reduction.

Share application landscape with stakeholders

How can I quickly share application landscape insights with stakeholders away?

Imagine you have identified a useful fact about the application landscape and would like to share it with a department on another continent. We recognize the importance of acting quickly on important finds which is why our platform features great Communication Modules for these situations – Portal and Live Documents. These allow iServer users to disseminate information in a timely manner and provide great value with their capacity to engage stakeholders enterprise wide.

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