Benefits of using iServer for Business Process Analysis

Realize the business benefits of using iServer for your business process analysis and improvement

Incorporating the familiar modeling interface of Microsoft Visio, iServer combines a powerful modeling tool with a central repository. Iserver provides a streamlined environment for users to collaborate, establish consistency, and improve the organization's business process infrastructure, delivering a quick ROI and heightened productivity.


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Centrally Collate Process Documentation

Many organizations have enormous amounts of process documentation, in divergent formats and tools, often not easily accessible by different business units, teams and stakeholders. This problem is common to many organizations, undermining a collaborative approach to business process management and improvement. iServer provides a powerful central repository for the whole organization. This repository enables effective collaboration between the modeling teams, business users and relevant stakeholders, enforcing consistently good practice across these teams and the wider organization.

A Familiar Work Environment

Often collaborative process modeling requires complex tools that use proprietary user interfaces. iServer leverages the familiar Microsoft Visio environment for process modelling, enabling a quick uptake by users with minimal training, as well as easy migration of existing Visio process models into iServer.

Identify Areas for Improvement

For process improvement initiatives to be successful, a structure and defined approach is essential. iServer provides this structure with defined diagram templates, and enables organizations to streamline their processes and improve productivity by helping implement methods for eliminating waste, as well as identifying the value-add of processes. Learn more about iServer’s business process improvement capabilities.

Compliant and Standardized Modeling Practice

For a sustainable, long term process modeling initiative it is essential that business processes can be organized and modeled by leveraging industry best practices. With iServer’s process repository preconfigured to support industry standards such as BPMN, organizations are able to carry out comparisons and perform benchmarking activities. This enables teams to analyze how their processes compare against industry standards, and how they can be improved.

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