iServer's Business Process Analysis Capabilities

Collaborate and improve your business processes from a single source of truth

Modeling your business processes in iServer is quick and easy, allowing you the time to analyze and identify areas of improvement using process simulation and iServer's powerful analysis tools. Deliver real business value and share your results using iServer's communication tools.


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Central Process Repository

iServer provides a central repository for business and process analysts to collaborate on business process models, activity diagrams and value chains, as well as associated documentation. The repository acts as the storage point for process diagrams, extending and enhancing the Microsoft Visio interface for collaborative, dynamic modeling. Associated process documentation in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats can also be stored in the repository. iServer provides a number of collaboration features, including role-based permissions, change management (versioning), import/export abilities and search.

Process Simulation Tools

Using iServer Process Simulator, teams can visualize their ideas for process change and optimization, analyze the impact of those changes, and run and compare multiple resourcing scenarios. It also enables teams to qualify multiple possible future outcomes, determine optimal process pathways and resourcing, and justify investment for change in a risk-free environment. Read more about iServer’s process simulation features.

Customized for Process Analysis and Optimization

The iServer process repository is preconfigured to support the BPMN 2.0 process modeling notation, ensuring all processes are documented using an industry standard language. iServer provides Visio templates for all levels of process abstraction, BPMN 2.0 diagram validation, and BPMN Fast Draw capabilities. For process improvement initiatives, iServer supports the Lean process improvement methodology, including the DMAIC process improvement activities – define, measure, analyze, improve, control.

Support for Process Frameworks and Reference Models

iServer supports a number of best practice frameworks and reference models according to an organization’s requirements. These include:

  • APQC’s Process Classification Frameworks
  • TM Forum’s eTOM Business Process Framework
  • The Open Group’s eMMMv Forum for the exploration, mining, metals and minerals industry.

Capture Process Improvement Metrics and Process Meta-Data

iServer provides an out of the box business process improvement meta-model and attributes, aligned to Lean. It allows analysts to capture process improvement metrics and process meta-data such as costs, resources and waste indicators. It also provides a complete set of Lean templates and diagrams, including SIPOC, IGOE, the Ishikawa (fishbone) Diagram, and Value Stream Map templates. Learn more about iServer’s business process improvement capabilities.

Extensive and Powerful Analysis Tools

iServer's Business Process Analysis capabilities provide a variety of tools that aid decision making and analysis. These include heatmaps, where process diagrams are dynamically colored and annotated with data-driven graphics. iServer also facilitates process change impact analysis for the dynamic visualization of dependencies, answering questions such as “if we retire this application, what is the impact on our business processes?” Dashboards and reports present key process information to executive stakeholders, while matrices allow relationships to be depicted and edited in bulk, such as a RACI Matrix, identifying Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed actors.

Share Content with Stakeholders

iServer has a wide range of reporting and publishing tools supporting stakeholder communication. iServer Portal allows business and process analysts to share their processes online for review and feedback, while iServer Live Documents helps analysts create attractive deliverables, including training materials, process narratives, work instructions, and business requirements documents (BRD’s). Find out how iServer’s full range of communication, reporting and publication tools can benefit your organization.

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