Who should use iServer for Data Architecture?

Understand how you can benefit from defining your Data Architecture in iServer

iServer helps solution, information and data architects to design enterprise data architectures and model flow diagrams to ensure your organization is using high quality and relevant data and information across the business.


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Big Data Solution Architect

iServer for Enterprise Architecture can help you to design your enterprise data architecture, and model data flow diagrams, logical data models, data information and classification diagrams with BPMN and UML. You can also benefit from using iServer BI Connect for data solving Big Data technology queries, giving you the ability to integrate with your data analytics platform and ensure relevant business information is sourced, available and accurate.

Information Architect

iServer for Enterprise Architecture enables you to develop and manage your organization’s information asset using the Information Framework in the iServer repository. iServer also enables you to use BPMN to develop data flow diagrams for analysis, as well as capture information requirements and data sources between systems, processes and functions.

Enterprise Data Architect

With iServer you can develop your data architecture using ArchiMate and BPMN for data modeling, to capture data objects and to capture how data will be organized, stored, accessed, and moved. iServer Data Exchange is also useful for migrating enterprise data from legacy databases into the iServer repository.

Principal Big Data Architect

iServer BI Connect is highly beneficial in master data management for analysis and utilization, understanding organizational benefits of Big Data and the ability to translate to non-technical stakeholders.

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