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A comprehensive set of templates, stencils and a meta-model to support ArchiMate modeling in your organization


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ArchiMate 3.0 Meta-Model

iServer provides a preconfigured meta-model. This covers all layers and aspects of ArchiMate 3.0 to ensure compliance.

ArchiMate Standard Viewpoints

iServer contains a complete set of standard ArchiMate viewpoints that are preloaded in the repository as Visio templates. These templates can be used across your architecture to create diagrams that can be communicated with the business.

ArchiMate Validation Rules Engine

iServer provides a validation rules engine to help to ensure that diagrams created within the repository are modeled in compliance with the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification. Once a diagram has been completed, users can run the validation rule engine to check for errors against the ArchiMate 3.0 specification. The validation rules engine ensures the use of correct alignment and increases the accuracy of diagrams for all users of the repository.

Support for the TOGAF ADM and IT4IT

In the iServer Repository, the ADM is implemented in the folder structure. The ArchiMate modeling language provides the ability to represent contents of the ADM phases using a standard architectural modeling notation. iServer provides an integrated TOGAF 9.1 and ArchiMate 3.0 repository where both can be used together. The modeling notation aligns with each phase of the ADM folder structure in the repository. The ArchiMate notation can also be used to help model details of IT4IT components.

What is the ADM and how can it help me?

Open Group’s ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format

iServer provides complete support for the Open Group’s ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format. The Open Group’s ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format is a common standard used for the exchange of ArchiMate architecture models or diagrams between different Enterprise Architecture (EA) tools. This format means architects can easily export ArchiMate models from other tools or repositories into iServer, including contents such as ArchiMate objects and all attribute data, relationships between the ArchiMate objects, and ArchiMate Viewpoints and Diagrams.

ArchiMate Reference Materials

iServer’s ArchiMate support includes a range of useful ArchiMate resources, including posters and user guides. It also contains the ArchiSurance case study from The Open Group.

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