A comprehensive toolkit for organizations wishing to adopt and align to TOGAF in their enterprise architecture initiative

Use TOGAF to develop your enterprise architecture whilst aligning to industry standards and best practices using TOGAF certified iServer. With a preconfigured central repository designed to support the TOGAF ADM and a complete set of deliverables defined by The Open Group, iServer ensures organizations develop their architecture capability quickly and efficiently.


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The templates and viewpoints provided include TOGAF 9.2 diagram templates in Visio format, covering each of the architecture domains and phases of the ADM, as well as Microsoft Word templates for all TOGAF 9.2 deliverables. Below are some iServer features you will find useful.

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Architecture Development Method (ADM)

iServer’s support for TOGAF 9.2 provides a repository to support the Architecture Development Method, the ADM. The iServer Explorer folder structure in the repository is configured to support iterations of the TOGAF ADM, and is aligned to the appropriate phases of the ADM. For each phase, there is a complete set of diagrams and documentation templates, along with supporting reference materials, such as BPMN 2.0 process diagrams, which show the activities to be performed.

TOGAF 9.2 Meta-Model

iServer provides the TOGAF 9.2 meta-model and extensions, all object types and relationship types, and the full set of metadata definitions, including lifecycle dates or statuses allowing you to monitor data against a time horizon. It includes all object types, such as Process Application, Actor and Capability, as defined in the TOGAF 9.2 Standards Specification. Attributes or meta-data that are captured against each object type, including cost, category, and status, can be added to the meta-model in within iServer.

TOGAF 9.2 Notation

While TOGAF 9.2 prescribes a meta-model, a modeling notation is not provided as part of the specification. iServer fills in this gap by providing an Orbus Software developed TOGAF 9.2 modeling notation to describe the object and relationship types mentioned in the TOGAF 9.2 meta-model.

TOGAF 9.2 Deliverable Templates

A complete set of diagram templates (viewpoints) are provided for each phase of the architecture development method, with an attractive notation and examples. These include:

TOGAF 9.2 Diagrams - Microsoft Visio diagram templates, covering each of the architecture domains and each phase of the ADM. Many extension diagram templates such as Architecture Roadmaps are also included.

TOGAF 9.2 Documents - Microsoft Word templates for all TOGAF 9.2 deliverables and documents. For example, an Architecture Principles Catalog, or a Statement of Architecture Work.

TOGAF 9.2 Catalogs & Matrices - tools to generate, edit and export TOGAF list and matrix views.

Enterprise Architecture decision support and analysis

TOGAF 9.2 Validation Rules Engine

iServer provides a validation rules engine to ensure that diagrams created within the repository are modeled in compliance with TOGAF 9.2. Once a diagram has been completed, users can run the validation rules engine to check for errors in the relationships between notations. The validation rules engine ensures the use of correct alignment and increases the accuracy of diagrams in the repository.

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