Benefits of UML by Role

A shortlist of roles who would benefit the most by establishing UML

Unsure if UML 2.5 is the right modeling language for your needs? We’ve compiled a shortlist of roles that we think would benefit the most by establishing UML as part of their daily work practice. With each role is a suggestion of how UML might be employed. How could iServer for UML help you?


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Solution Architect

You can use UML package diagrams to understand the modularity of a system and the interactions between system components. UML also support integration, network and use case diagrams.

Project Manager

You can use package diagrams to document the systems functions that will become available according to a system development lifecycle.

Business Architect / Business Analyst

You can use UML use case diagrams to model the requirements of a systems and how the users of the system may interact.

System Designer

You can use a UML component diagram to model the detailed design of a software system.

Data Architect

You can use UML class diagrams to depict a logical data model of a system, identifying the data requirements and data generated by the system.

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