A comprehensive toolkit for organizations wishing to reference, adopt and align with COBIT 5 IT governance best practices


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Central Governance Repository

All governance-related information can be centrally managed and referenced from iServer’s central governance repository, providing data consistency and a single source of truth for all COBIT 5 governance-related information.

COBIT 5 Governance Principles

The iServer governance repository is structured according to the COBIT 5 Framework Principles. The COBIT 5 Base Framework is centered on five main governance and management principles. The iServer repository is arranged along a clear folder structure to mirror these, with each principle broken down into more detailed guidance and best practices.

COBIT 5 Meta-Model

iServer structures COBIT 5 according to a predefined meta-model. This enables users to understand the structure for all governance content and is flexible to allow customizations and further extensions. The meta-model reuses aligned concepts from TOGAF 9.1 business architecture meta-model and the TOGAF 9.1 governance extension. It can also be adapted to align with the ArchiMate notation. This meta-model is preconfigured in the repository, including all object types and relationships defined in the COBIT 5 specification.

Bespoke COBIT 5 Notation

COBIT 5 does not provide a modeling notation as part of its specification. As such, Orbus Software has developed iServer to offer a bespoke COBIT 5 modeling notation to describe the meta-model.

COBIT 5 Specification Content Analysis

iServer facilitates the quick and easy generation of Views to further day to day governance practice. This includes hierarchy views of the COBIT 5 Goals Cascade to easily analyze interrelationships between key components in the COBIT specification, as well as catalogs of components such as enterprise and IT-related goals.

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