Benefits of iServer for COBIT 5 compliance

Quickly adopt and align your business practices and business strategy with COBIT 5 compliance requirements using iServer


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COBIT 5 in iServer provides the perfect purpose built platform to kick-start and host your IT governance initiative. Some of the benefits of adopting COBIT 5 in iServer include:

Quick Adoption

The iServer repository contains a complete set of COBIT 5 models including best practice processes, goals, metrics, and objectives. These enable easy and quick adoption of the standard, best practices, and other predefined templates that are also easily customizable.

Traceability and Auditing

COBIT 5 in iServer acts as an overarching and holistic governance framework, which enables traceability between the detailed enabler goals, IT-related goals, enterprise goals, business value, and stakeholder needs. This traceability leads to better stakeholder transparency, which is key to establishing trust between an organization’s IT capability and business leadership.

Visual Business and IT Alignment

An insight into business alignment allows for a holistic approach to IT management, which ensures business value is realized from alignment of business processes and IT systems to business objectives. iServer supports a business outcome driven approach to IT investment management and governance. Users can easily implement the different frameworks and customize meta-models, to reflect specific business requirements.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your IT governance, safeguard against risk, and ensure compliance.

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