Industry Leading Standard & Framework Support

Out of the box support for convergent standards and frameworks within enterprise architecture, business process analysis and many more

For many years organizations have adopted industry standards and frameworks to implement best practices and increase the chance of success within their transformation initiative. Over time, certain standards have become used so widely that they are considered ‘de facto’ for their market sector. Good examples of this are TOGAF 9, which is now considered the go to standard for many in the enterprise architecture market, or BPMN as a process modeling notation.


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As standards have developed they have increasingly overlapped and integrated as they effectively mirror the converging business and IT practices in the organization. In recognition of this, iServer provides out of the box support for a range of industry best practices, all of which can be easily customized and integrated to match the maturity and requirements of the business. iServer support for standards and frameworks is typically provided in the form of preconfigured repositories with predefined meta-model and embedded reference materials, templates and reports.