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iServer is a superior process architecture platform that allows you to create a holistic view of your business processes with accurate, up to date information.

The reason why we created iServer was to make your job easier. We wanted to bring to market a product that would clearly stand out. This initial thought is what still drives us, as we continuously strive to improve it and bring you the best process architecture platform available. As a result, iServer has an extensive range of features that are there to help you deliver first class results every single project.


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Central standardized Repository

Central Repository for Process Architecture

All process architecture projects within your organization can be stored in a single location thanks to the iServer’s central repository – the enterprise’s single source of truth. The repository structure can be implemented according to the TOGAF ® repository structure, which enables architects to manage their deliverables, locate reusable assets, and publish outputs to stakeholders. In addition, iServer fully supports the TOGAF ® 9.1 Business Architecture meta-model, as well as other standards, including BPMN for process modeling.

Process architecture is often hindered by missing processes, by processes captured with insufficient or inaccurate information, or by outdated processes. With iServer’s process repository, architects are able to view all process related documentation in one place, while also ensuring correctness against industry standards. This holistic view allows for the identification of waste during process optimization initiatives, and also increases understanding of the dynamics of a process performance.

Up to date process documentation

Templates & Models for Strategic Guidance

Within iServer, users have access to a number of resources that enable the ongoing development of the desired process architecture. These will guide them as they build the architecture and will ensure their work is at the level required by your organization. For example, users can consult the Process Decomposition (APQC) hierarchy view to in order to understand what the highest level processes are and therefore get an understanding of how these processes function during operational improvement initiatives. Furthermore, in order to improve your skillset, iServer includes the Learning Center, which grants users access to a great deal of best practice guides, infographics, and posters. This is an invaluable tool for increasing your individual value to the company and improving your career prospects.

Impact analysis of process on applications and technologies

Views & Dashboards

Having access to vast amount of information is useless if stakeholders can’t make sense of it. Furthermore, nowadays data is ever more readily accessible. That means it is becoming increasingly difficult to filter what information is useful from what isn’t. The way we take care of that is by offering you a solid views and dashboards system that will aid you in your effort to bring valuable insights to management. iServer features three types of views: List, Hierarchy and Matrix.

The dashboards that are available in iServer have a great design and are meant to deliver the architect’s message as quickly as possible. Irrespective of how technically skilled your audience is, they simplify the absorption of new information and do a great job of presenting a comprehensive image about the subject matter. Lastly, iServer includes an advanced searching and filtering system. Combined with the dashboards, this makes iServer a platform for process architecture that will greatly facilitate accomplishing your tasks.

BPMN 2.0 Resources

Framework Preconfigured Solution

We want to get you started as soon as possible after deployment, which is why we give you the option of having iServer delivered to you preconfigured with your framework of choice. Let’s say you decide to use BPMN as your process notation. iServer’s business process analysis capabilities support BPMN 2.0 for modeling standard business processes. BPMN Fast Draw provides systematic modeling guidance that enables the creation of quick process models, which are stored directly in the iServer repository. iServer Process Simulator can be used to generate powerful process simulations directly from Visio process models stored in the repository.

For a structured approach to business process improvement, iServer’s support for the Lean methodology contains a folder structure based on the DMAIC Process. Each phase contains templates including SIPOC, IGOE, Ishikawa (fishbone) Diagram, Value Stream Map, and Value Chain Map. With your preconfigured iServer solution you can expect to start getting value on your investment straight away.

Online Publishing using Portal

Online Publishing

A company’s convoluted internal operations landscape often leads to situations where people can’t connect with as much as ease as they ought to be able to. They may be spread across different departments, perhaps different continents, and as a result communication suffers and with it so does the business. Organizations are therefore faced with the challenge of enabling people to showcase work and deliverables outside of their immediate work environment (e.g. their team). This becomes an especially difficult problem when you consider that stakeholder feedback is crucial for content assessment and decision making.

At Orbus, we know it is imperative that content can be easily socialized with stakeholders that have a legitimate interest in the process architecture practice, and so we created iServer's communication modules. These provide reporting, publishing and presentation tools which make it easy for users to share their repository models and documentation with an unlimited number of business actors across the organization, as well as gather valuable, structured feedback.

Impact analysis of process on applications and technologies

Impact & Dependency Analysis

iServer features an extremely valuable Impact Analysis Visualization tool. It provides views and dashboards that supply key information required to support cross-domain analysis and integrated reporting. Impact analysis visualizations are of high business utility. They can be used to identify the impact that retiring, for instance, a set of applications might have on a distinct business process. A set of reports, views, and Visio templates are also available to measure performance and reveal how well aligned the application portfolio is with the main business processes and functions, as well as with the overall strategy.

APQC Cross industry framework diagram

Advanced Document Management

iServer is fully integrated with the Microsoft Office suite. Its ability to support your process architecture effort through advanced management of documentation, however, is not limited to that. iServer supports a wide range of formats, from PDFs and MPEGs, to AVIs and JPEGs. As a result, information can be documented and managed from a familiar collaborative environment, rather than spread across multiple isolated locations. Users have the option of creating, importing and linking documents to an object within the repository. iServer also has a tagging function, which provides an alternative method of categorizing repository content instead of using folders.

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Intuitive for users and consumers alike, with opportunities to integrate to other systems.

iServer comes with some great accelerators to help get your repository started. We have had the TOGAF and BPA solutions from the start and built on these to extend the metamodel for our own specific requirements. 

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