iServer Reporting Services - Enhance Your Business Reporting Capability

iServer Reporting Services is used to create, manage and deploy custom reports. These reports extract information from the repository for presentation to stakeholders in a variety of supported formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and XML. These custom reports enable teams to combine and customize data beyond standard reporting.

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Intuitive Reporting Interface

iServer’s reporting engine is built upon Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft’s standard reporting platform, and can be used to create, manage, and deploy reports.

Customizable Reporting Capability

Reports are executed in iServer, but once complete can also be published to a web-server or hosted within a SharePoint of .NET page for sharing with the wider business.

Varied Reporting Formats

Reports can be published in a variety of formats, including HTML, Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF, and XML. There are also a wide range of out of the box report packs available for use, including templates for Gap Analysis for comparing target and baseline architecture, and content audit reports to identify change.

Report Packs

A number of out of the box report packs are provided, specific to business needs, specific teams, and concerns, which assist in the management and governance of the repository and repository content.

  • Model Reports

    Report on the model - objects, relationships, diagrams and views - such as object catalogs, relationship matrices or hierarchies, and gap analysis comparison reports.

  • Meta-Model Reports

    Report on the configuration within iServer - including the meta-model (object types, relationship types, attributes) and templates.

  • Audit Reports

    Report on who changed what and when - understand a detailed audit trail of how iServer is being used. In addition, reports for repository health-check and process/meta-data completeness.

  • Documentation Reports

    Generate documentation such as process manuals, business requirements documents, solution architecture documents, by exporting diagrams and model content to Word/PDF.

  • User Reports

    Report on user session activity and licensing over time.

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