Security Architecture Features

Manage, develop and implement a robust security architecture for your organization using iServer

iServer helps users manage the development and implementation of a robust security architecture thanks to its broad range of useful features. Using iServer, security architects can manage large volumes of security-related data and information, all the while keeping track of its maturity in a single, secure environment.


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Security Architecture repository

Central Repository for Security Architecture

iServer features a repository where all the security architecture projects within the company are stored, developed and managed. As such, it acts as a single source of truth for the entire enterprise. iServer gives the security architect the ability to align risk and business objectives with the policies, controls, and risks that already exist in the business. Components of SABSA can also be easily integrated within the TOGAF ® Architecture Development Method (ADM) structure in the iServer repository, and the ADM can be used as a delivery model for an enterprise security architecture. This saves a considerable amount of time, effort and money normally spent on having to manage all these activities manually.

Security Organization Model CISO

Templates & Models for Strategic Guidance

Within iServer, architects can find a number of templates that will enable them to build their security architecture to a high standard of quality. A great number of useful resources are made available to them in the form of templates, models, and a preconfigured meta-model as per the user’s specifications. For example, iServer fully supports the SABSA framework. As a result, security architects may easily consult the SABSA Control Framework diagram in their effort to follow industry standards. This enables users to find details regarding the controls and requirements that are associated with a certain process, and ultimately better assist in guiding the building process.

Track architecture maturity

Views & Dashboards

Being able to access a lot of information has limited use if you cannot draw any actionable insights from it. iServer’s views and dashboards system is the answer. With its help, users can identify and isolate valuable insights, and then present this to a relevant audience in order keep ahead of competitors. There are three types of views available in iServer – List, Hierarchy and Matrix – and these let users navigate through content quickly and effectively.

The dashboards available in iServer also assist users in communicating insights to their audiences in a clear and logical manner. They collate data from different areas and as a result can offer a great overview of a certain subject matter.

SABSA Meta-model

Framework Preconfigured Solution

iServer can be delivered to you preconfigured with your framework of choice. That way, you can start delivering value to your company sooner. Let’s say you decided to use the SABSA framework. It can be easily integrated with other frameworks including TOGAF ® for Enterprise Architecture, COBIT 5 for Information Security, and ITIL for IT Service Management, all within the iServer repository. This approach is used to create an operational capability where operational risk can be managed within the context of enterprise architecture, in terms of organization’s business actors, processes and systems. Existing templates in the repository enables quick design and deployment of the security architecture within the organization without the need to create the models from scratch. This gives the security architect the ability to focus on enhancing the security strategy while ensuring that operation-level security activities are adequately managed.

iServer provides a number of out of the box templates to help organizations align to SABSA, including the SABSA Trust Framework, the SABSA Control Framework, and the SABSA Security Domain Model. The SABSA Visio stencil in iServer contains a number of concepts, which can be used to develop security architecture. Users can also expand the concepts in the SABSA stencil to meet specific requirements.

SABSA Meta-model

Online Publishing

The vast scope of business transformation often drives people from different areas within the enterprise to collaborate and engage. As stakeholder collaboration is essential if the company is to function within normal parameters, iServer offers a range of communication modules with extensive sharing, reporting and feedback capabilities. Sharing repository models and documentation with an unlimited number of business actors across the entire organization becomes very straightforward and also ensures the architects get valuable feedback in real time.

Impact Analysis

Impact & Dependency Analysis

iServer’s Impact Analysis Visualization tool is a very useful asset in analyzing your security architecture. Because it relies on repository information, it uses live and updated information, which makes it valuable in decision analysis, cross-domain analysis, as well as integrated reporting. The Impact Analysis tool may be used to identify business capabilities that are at risk because of non-compliant infrastructure or processes, and to assess the impact on business objectives if the organization should suffer a breach. A range of reports and views will help architects to measure performance and reveal how the security landscape supports key business processes and functions.

CBIT 5 meta model poster

Advanced Document Management

iServer allows security architects great versatility in how they manage project documentation. Firstly, the platform features full integration with the Microsoft Office suite. What’s more, it supports a variety of formats, ranging from PDFs and MPEGs, to AVIs and JPEGs. This means information can be documented and managed in the context of the organization from a familiar collaborative environment, instead of having architects look for information in several locations. Users may create, import or link documents to an object within the repository. The existing tagging function provides an interesting alternative to using the repository structure to categorize content.

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