Orbus Software’s 2020 Vision

Understand the Components of Orbus Software’s Vision to 2020 and Beyond

Orbus Software's Vision 2017-2020

The Platform for Business and IT Transformation

Developing and enhancing a homogenous platform for the management of converging business and IT practices

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Learning Ecosystem
A Learning Ecosystem to Manage and Develop User Skillsets

Developing the skillsets of every end user with an integrated, global Learning Management System – the Learning Ecosystem

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Value on Investment
Focus on Customer's Value on Investment

Ensuring every customer swiftly realises a tangible Value on Investment (VoI) with our products with a dedicated programme

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Alignment with Microsoft's Vision
Extending the Alignment to Microsoft’s Vision

Extended innovation and development to align with Microsoft Product Roadmap (SharePoint/O365) and intelligent Cloud Segment

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