Extending Alignment to Microsoft’s Vision

Orbus Software’s Innovation Leverages O365/SharePoint and Azure Capabilities

Orbus Software’s ongoing commitment to innovation drives additional features as well enhancing the cloud and mobile capabilities of our products to meet the demand of today’s market. Our development roadmap is tightly aligned to Microsoft’s Product Vision through integration with SharePoint, 0ffice 365 (O365) and use of the cloud-based Azure platform.

Alignment with Office 365 and Sharepoint

Integration with Office 365/SharePoint

Central to the Orbus Vision is the delivery of powerful capabilities in familiar environment which is easy to customise and very quick to deploy. This is achieved through innovation extending and enhancing de-facto Microsoft Technologies: Visio, Office/Office 365 (including , SharePoint and SQL Server. Microsoft has already established a dominant position in the market for productivity tools and collaboration and Orbus will continue to invests significantly in the ongoing incorporation of these technologies within its product suite. Furthermore, aligning its’s products to incorporate SharePoint/O365 provides Orbus with a unique reach into all disciplines, teams and roles in the organisation, making it the optimum platform for support organisation wide business and IT Transformation initiatives.

  • Office 365 and SharePoint represent the fastest growing collaboration/productivity platforms across the globe.
  • Office 365 commercial revenue has been growing in excess of 50% for the past several quarters, with second-quarter growth in 2017 coming in at 47%.

Sharepoint Infographic

*Nielson Norman Group, '2016 Intranet Design Awards'

Alignment to Azure

Alignment to the Azure Platform

Orbus Software believes that the cloud-based Azure platform will be a key growth driver for Microsoft going forward, as companies around the world are looking to lower costs by adopting cloud-based services. During Q2 FY17, Microsoft’s intelligence cloud segment (Azure, Server products, and enterprise services) delivered $6.86 billion in revenues, a Year on Year growth of 8%. While server products and cloud services revenue grew by 12% driven by growth in MS SQL Server, adoption of the cloud-based azure platform resulted in 93% growth, in its revenues. In 2016, Microsoft’s cloud revenue run rate exceeded $14 billion, encouraged by the continual growth that this division has posted, and it is becoming a critical driver for Microsoft value.

Aligning to the Azure platform enables Orbus to offer multiple cloud deployment options to any customer, including different deployment types within the same customer site, including;

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud Only
  • On-Premise/Cloud Hybrid
  • On Premise