Enabling Enterprise Transformation

Evolve to Meet the Demands of the Digital Age


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Business Transformation is critical for all enterprises seeking to survive in the face of shifting market environments and constantly changing technologies.

Orbus Software ensures modern corporations meet this challenge by providing iServer, our market leading software platform designed to manage successful transformation, enterprise wide.

iServer empowers organizations to collaborate, integrate and communicate, fast tracking strategic change across multiple converging disciplines in a singular software platform.

And with support for a wide range of industry standards, iServer is uniquely suited to match every organization’s specific requirements, delivering a bespoke solution to help you grow and change with confidence in this new age of digital transformation.

Business and IT Management Practices

Enterprise Architecture - Streamline and design your architecture practice with your organization’s strategy, business processes and capabilities, and technical and information architectures. With iServer for Enterprise Architecture you can deliver valuable insights and implement a strategic view of change, managing business and IT alignment to drive your business forward.

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Strategic Portfolio Management – Create a cohesive project portfolio management structure within your organization with iServer. Define and manage your project dependencies through programs and portfolios, project roadmaps and project impact analysis. iServer for Strategic Portfolio Management also provides a platform for identifying duplication and other inefficiencies in the portfolio.

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Business Process Analysis - Define, map and improve your organization’s business processes, from business capabilities and the enterprise value chain, down to individual activities and tasks. iServer for Business Process Analysis highlights process inefficiencies and provides a basis for resource and risk management as well as process optimization initiatives, furthering your business transformation.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance – Ensure your organization’s operations are carried out as designed, and align with strategic goals and objectives with iServer. Manage risk by easily ensuring threats and issues are identified and controlled, minimizing impact to your organization. iServer for Governance, Risk and Compliance forms the foundation of your business transformation and IT strategy.

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Key Benefits of iServer

Unified Support for Integrated Business and IT Transformation Practices

Alignment to Industry Standards

Ease of Use with Enhanced Microsoft Interfaces

Highly Flexible and Configurable

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Why Business Transformation?

Business Transformation is about making changes to your business, and importantly ensuring your organization isn’t getting left behind. Successful transformation means you are able to respond to opportunities or threats of current trends and technologies with a decisive and confident strategy.

  • Optimize your existing practices
  • Enhance your current practices by providing better ways to use existing capabilities
  • Redefine capabilities by implementing them in different ways

Transformation doesn’t have to be massive, radical or scary. Instead, it encourages an integrated, organization-wide approach to change. By viewing your people, processes and technology holistically, you are better placed to respond to internal and external forces. This enables an approach that is adaptive and responsive to stakeholder demands.

By implementing iServer’s collaborative software platform, organizations can approach this holistic strategy of business transformation with ease. iServer provides a streamlined modeling environment for teams to plan and manage the unexpected and unanticipated. With advanced reporting, integrated standards and frameworks, and configurable design, iServer enables you to implement strategy effectively and successfully to transform your business.