Focus on Achieving ‘Value On Investment’

A Dedicated Programme to Ensure Customers Realise Tangible Benefits from Our Products

Value on Investment

Orbus Software’s Customer Experience Team (CET) are focused on obtaining Value of Investment (VOI) for all customers, both new and existing ones. The VOI is a key measure for identifying how much perceived value a customer has obtained from our product against what they intended. Measuring VOI is a tangible way to answer whether the tool and implementation has been a success, and highlighting what milestones are achieved. For customers, it provides a means by which they can strategically plan and prioritize achievements and measure anticipated results. VOI is generally aligned to Statements of Work and focuses on 3-month fast start programs to ensure value is achieved by customers in the shortest possible time.

Value on Investment

Through the Ecosystem and CET, Orbus can maximize customers’ speed-to-value through an ability to select VOI criteria and report against progress of specific deployment and EA practice milestones. This means that the customer is essentially hand-held from the point in which they become a lead and have a demonstration, right through to Proof of Concept (PoC), Training, Installation, Deployment, Implementation, and ongoing Support and Consultancy. Every deployment stage is closely monitored, with the customer being informed along the way of the steps completed, the next steps, and the party responsible. Users have the ability to provide satisfaction feedback as they progress further.

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