Enabling Enterprise Transformation

Evolve to Meet the Demands of the Digital Age

In the face of shifting markets, accelerating technology and digital transformation, the modern enterprise must evolve to keep pace with disruptive unicorns and startups.

Vast heterogeneous organizations are full of moving parts that will become disconnected if not carefully orchestrated; managing this sprawling portfolio of process, projects, applications and tools forms the backbone of an enterprise transformation. For the organization to make data-driven outcome-focused decisions at speed, it must align the overarching business goals, standardize procedure and harness deeper insight.

Challenges for the


Large scale organizations find decision making hindered by poor information and organizational silos. By the time data gathering and researching processes have drawn to a close, the information is out of date. Ultimately, project and technology priorities drift out of alignment with the overarching business strategy.

A sprawling technology landscape, disparate data siloes and a lack of visibility add to the complexity and the necessity for centralized control. Dense, unclear and poorly presented information makes it difficult for the c-level and decision makers to understand the implications of change, slowing process and execution.

All the while small, agile and disruptive competitors are getting to market first, innovating faster and setting the benchmark. Transformation is rendered necessary.

Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise transformation looks at the holistic evolution of the organization as it looks to achieve strategic goals and deliver competitive advantage within a crowded marketplace. It covers strategic portfolio management, enterprise architecture, business process analysis, and governance, risk and compliance

Permeating all aspects of the business, successful transformation involves multiple stakeholders, challenges and business functions. An ongoing process, rather than a onetime event, it should also enable forward thinking, leading to a continuous improvement program that affects the evolution of all processes and the wider technical landscape.

Fast, intelligent and integrated decision making is the result of effective enterprise transformation sits on. It is facilitated by cutting-edge insight which can only be garnered from orchestration, management, visualization and the creation of repeatable internal capabilities, from strategy to execution.

From Strategy to Execution



Identify objectives, translate them into models and use a common language to articulate strategy



Harness the expertise of your employees to develop innovative ideas aligned to business objectives



Evaluate the impact of change to generate business outcomes



Run reports, visualize the impact of projects and track everything with real-time metrics

  • Strategic Planning
  • Roadmapping
  • Financial management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Outcome driven
  • Measurable innovation
  • Business critical solutions
  • Project discovery
  • Strategic alignment
  • UX improvements
  • Real-time analysis
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Prioritization
  • Data visualization
  • Business outcomes
  • Project delivery
  • Resource management
  • Live reporting
  • Performance analysis
  • Tangible results

At Orbus, we provide the tools, services and training you require to deliver a complete enterprise transformation.

iServer - The complete enterprise transformation

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Successful enterprise transformation is not the result of a single business or IT practice but requires integrated solutions supported by a central collaboration platform. iServer provides a platform to drive strategic change throughout the enterprise

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Discover iServer

iServer orchestrates a range of solutions to help empower your enterprise transformation.

Enterprise Architecture

Design a robust yet flexible enterprise architecture that delivers valuable insights and provides a strategic view of change. Ensure alignment of the business and IT, facilitating agility, speed, and the ability to make real-time decisions based on reliable and consistent data.

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Strategic Portolio Management

Create a cohesive project portfolio management structure, by defining your project dependencies and roadmaps, as well as running in depth impact analysis. Make the right investments by identifying inefficiencies, siloes and areas of waste throughout the enterprise, whether it’s regards to applications, technology or projects.

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Business Process Analysis

Define, map and improve your organization’s business processes. Build a platform for resource and risk management, as well as process optimization initiatives, furthering your enterprise transformation.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Align strategic goals and objectives with operational tasks and manage risk by easily ensuring threats and issues are identified and controlled, minimizing impact to your organization.

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Orbus highly trained and qualified consultants provide an extensive range of professional services to help you drive effective enterprise transformation. Orbus consultants help integrate iServer as a way to orchestrate your organization tools, processes and applications, as well as help you generate leading-edge insights and analytics.

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Online Training from Orbus Software

Online Training

Orbus Online Training, enables individuals and enterprises to upskill and enhance their knowledge via an innovative platform to manage formal, social and experiential learning through a collaborative and structured environment. Training courses are cover all aspects of enterprise transformation including user and administrative courses for iServer customers.

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