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With an intuitive interface, you can get the right info at the right time and make better, data-driven decisions.


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Reduce redundant technology, identify cost drivers quickly and free up resources for innovation.


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Full transparency and control means less risk, more certainty in outcomes, and stronger regulatory compliance.

IT Portfolio Management use cases

Benefit from tailored toolkits and method-driven guidance to realise core IT Portfolio Management use cases

Application Rationalization

Identify cost savings across the application portfolio whilst increasing business fit and performance

  • Engage application owners in familiar tools to gather data for assessment
  • Assessed applications for cost, risk, duplication, business fit and technology fit
  • Generate visual reports answering key questions for the application portfolio
  • Identify candidates for change and surface with stakeholders to inform rationalization decisions

Application and Technology Roadmapping

Project the changes to application and technology portfolios needed to achieve business goals 

  • Generate compelling roadmaps aligning technology projects with business strategy 
  • Surface roadmaps with stakeholder in familiar Microsoft application interfaces  
  • Highlight technology project delays and overruns to prompt mitigating action 
  • Drive controlled technology change with clear, transparent communication 

Technology Standards & Portfolio Management

Manage technologies and enforce standards to ensure future-proof technology investments 


  • Engage Technology owners in the tools they use every day to gather data for assessment 
  • Analyse technologies for cost, risk, duplication, business fit and technology fit 
  • Audit and assess technologies assets for compliance with company standards 
  • Visualise technology assets in a visual format digestible to all stakeholders 
  • Highlight candidate technologies to tolerate, invest in, migrate from or eliminate  

Technology Risk Management

Application Risk & Security Summary@2x

  • Integrate risk management data from existing sources with your technology inventory 
  • Identify potential technology risks by assessing infrastructure, systems, and processes. 
  • Monitor changes in the technology landscape and highlight emerging threats 
  • Evaluate likelihood and impact of technology risks to prioritize mitigation efforts 
  • Communicate risks to stakeholders, and report on risk status, ensuring accountability




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    Orbus Software stands tall as one of only three vendors globally to achieve leader status in Gartner Magic Quadrant, Gartner Voice of the Customer, and Forrester Wave. Our relentless focus on customer success and technology excellence sets us apart in the industry, earning us top accolades year after year.


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    Strong EA heritage✔️
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    Global and local✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
    Forrester Wave, Gartner Magic Quadrant and Voice of the Customer Leader✔️   ✔️

    "It’s been a good experience, a good partnership. The responsiveness of the team, and having access to people, has been great. The support channel is awesome. It really makes the experience easy"


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