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Orbus Software

Make better decisions, faster

With an intuitive interface, you can get the right info at the right time and make better, data-driven decisions.


Orbus Software

Save costs

Reduce redundant technology, identify cost drivers quickly and free up resources for innovation.


Orbus Software

Reduce risks

Full transparency and control means less risk, more certainty in outcomes, and stronger regulatory compliance.

Streamline Decision-Making

By visualizing dependencies, impacts, and potential risks across various architectural layers, OrbusInfinity enables stakeholders to make more informed decisions, assess potential consequences, and mitigate risks associated with changes or investments in the IT landscape.

Increased Alignment and Business Value

Strategy Alignment_Means and Ends

Through a holistic view of the organization's current and target architectures and operating models, OrbusInfinity facilitates strategic decision-making and ensures that IT initiatives are aligned with the goals and direction of the organization.

Enhance Collaboration and Communication

OrbusInfinity provides a shared understanding of the organization's architecture, facilitating effective communication, knowledge sharing, and coordination among stakeholders involved in planning, designing, and implementing transformation initiatives.

Increased Agility and Adaptability

BSM 2A - Strategy Portfolio

By visualizing the impact of changes on the overall architecture, the tool helps identify the most efficient and effective paths for introducing new technologies, processes, or capabilities while minimizing disruptions.

Efficiency Gains and Controlled IT Costs

By capturing and documenting the current state of IT systems, processes, and data flows, OrbusInfinity helps identify inefficiencies, redundancies, and opportunities for optimization.

Enhanced Compliance and Governance

WEB0061 - Process by Current Strategic Importance Product Image

Map relationships and controls between business processes, data, applications, and infrastructure to identify and address compliance gaps, enforce security measures, and demonstrate adherence to relevant regulations and standards.

Orbus Software Enterprise Transformation

Trusted Leadership

A Triad of Leadership Recognitions

Orbus Software stands tall as one of only three vendors globally to achieve leader status in Gartner Magic Quadrant, Gartner Voice of the Customer, and Forrester Wave. Our relentless focus on customer success and technology excellence sets us apart in the industry, earning us top accolades year after year.


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Strong EA heritage✔️
Microsoft 365 interoperability✔️
Cloud and hosted versions✔️✔️✔️cloud mainly✔️
Global and local✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Forrester Wave, Gartner Magic Quadrant and Voice of the Customer Leader✔️   ✔️

"OrbusInfinity offers a suite of features for capturing, modeling, and analyzing business processes, enabling insight into operations and supporting team collaboration for cross-functional alignment and effective documentation."

$3-10bn Banking Firm

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