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Six Visio Views to Help Communicate your Application Portfolio Rationalization Vision

It could be argued the most important part of an architect’s job is effective communication - it's possible to understand an organization’s most complex challenges and design fit for purpose solutions but if senior managers cannot understand or buy-in to those solutions this doesn’t mean very much. This white paper focuses on how to communicate a specific type of information, your application rationalization vision, from a number of perspectives.

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ITIL Poster Series: Service Definitions and Types

Services are a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating the outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks. They can be discussed in terms of how they relate to one another and their customers, and can be classified as Core, Enabling or Enhancing.

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Using Traditional Business Analysis Tools for Business Intelligence (Part 2)

Traditional Business Analysis methods and tools can be repurposed to formalize and structure Business Intelligence analysis work. Having covered the SWOT and RACI techniques in Part 1, Jason takes a look at three more Business Analysis tools that can be amended to assist in Business Intelligence centric analysis, including the Boston Matrix and Five Forces.

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Enterprise Architecture Without Governance: Problems, Causes, Mitigation

Enterprise Architecture, even if it doesn’t report directly to a C-level employee (and it usually does), affects the whole enterprise and so naturally becomes a highly political situation. This in turns means that the key touch points where EA can affect other stakeholders come under tension or even attack. This eBook considers the main ways that one particularly ‘soft’ area of attack can be subverted – and what steps we can take to mitigate this problem.

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Application Management and Architecture: Opportunities for Cost Reduction and Business Alignment

Andrew's latest eBook explores governance models for your Application Portfolio, including critical support functions such as vendor management and contract management. His observations highlight how Architecture supports a disciplined approach, and why a little science goes along way to becoming agile and addressing market opportunities.

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iServer for Process Architecture

iServer supports process modelling and process architecture through a range of features, tools, templates and reference models.


iServer for Application Architecture

iServer supports the alignment of application architectures with the business strategy.


iServer for Business Architecture

iServer enables business architects to develop a strategic view of the architecture.


iServer for UML

Discover how iServer supports the Unified Modeling Language (UML)

IT Governance Starter Pack

The perfect introductory resource for those wanting to get started with IT Governance and learn more about the COBIT 5 framework. Our starter pack includes an introduction to IT Governance and COBIT 5 Principles (PDF guide), and defined COBIT 5, TOGAF 9 meta-model, and iServer IT Governance process meta-model posters.

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ArchiMate 3.0 Detailed Notation Overview

Our ArchiMate 3.0 Notation Overview poster shows the full new notation complete with detailed annotations, following The Open Group's launch of the latest version of the standard.

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Business Capability Model Starter Pack

The business capability model is a key business architecture viewpoint, depicting the capabilities that an organization requires in order to deliver against its strategy. Beyond understanding the capabilities of your organization, it is also important to know how mature they are (evaluating against multiple dimensions such as people, process, and technology) and to be able to visualize your capability landscape through heatmaps. We are pleased to offer a free business capability model Visio template and stencil pack to help you do all of the above!

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