Orbus Navigate New York 2024: Fostering Digital Transformation and Collaboration

Gareth Burton, CEO of Orbus Software, and Diana Kearns-Manolato, Research Leader at Deloitte USA, are presenting at the Orbus Navigate event in New York

This year's edition of Orbus Navigate New York, held at The Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg on April 30, 2024, brought together key players in the enterprise transformation landscape – transformation leaders, enterprise architects, and valued customers. Take a look at the event recap!

The day wasn't just about presentations and panels. It fostered a collaborative environment where attendees engaged in insightful discussions, shared valuable experiences, and participated in collaborative planning for the future. This focus on collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering organizations on their transformation journeys, not just through technology, but also by building a strong and supportive community.

Key highlights:  

Embracing continuous transformation 

The theme of the event, "Embodying Digital by Default," emphasized that today’s leading organizations are no longer just adopting technology; they are aligning it seamlessly with their vision in a cycle of continuous improvement. In doing so, they ensure that their business tools continue to enable, rather than act as a barrier, to their success, supporting employees as they collaborate, make decisions, and achieve objectives. Attendees discussed current successes and challenges, compared notes on maximizing the value of OrbusInfinity, and provided direct input into the company's product innovation roadmap. 

Insights from industry experts 

Representatives from esteemed organizations like Deloitte, Merck, OneAmerica, KPMG, and Process Renewal Group shared insights into their approaches to enterprise transformation and their experiences with Orbus Software. Keynote sessions and customer spotlights offered valuable perspectives on critical topics, from aligning enterprise architecture with business strategy to transformation initiatives and partnership achievements. Here’s what one of our guest speakers, OneAmerica Financial's John Quasebarth, had to say about speaking at the event:  

"Had such a wonderful time presenting at Orbus Navigate New York last week! It was an honor to share the stage with my colleague Michael Ryan to present on OneAmerica Financial's journey from strategic IT planning to business architecture. And to share the stage with so many other insightful people like Diana Kearns-Manolatos, Gareth Burton, Tim Mitchell, Sandi Garcia, and Roger Burlton.” 

Deloitte's Diana Kearns-Manolatos offered insights on how CEOs are approaching transformation.  She explored exciting technologies like generative AI and the potential of organizational digital twins – a technology most commonly associated with physical systems – for scenario modeling and risk planning. 

In-person collaboration 

The Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg provided a vibrant space for attendees to connect and share experiences beyond presentations and panels. In-depth discussions focused on OrbusInfinity's capabilities and its role in shaping individual transformation journeys. Feedback highlighted the platform's innovative features and its impact on strategic decision-making. This wasn't just informative; it fostered a sense of community and mutual growth. Orbus Navigate New York underscored the critical role of collaboration in driving progress. Attendees left energized, not only with actionable strategies but also with the power of a united front.  

Looking forward 

Building on the success of Orbus Navigate New York in April 2024, Orbus Software remains committed to expanding our event landscape to other global cities and deepening collaborations with trusted partners. The future holds promising opportunities for continued growth and collaboration in the realm of digital transformation.  

As organizations navigate the complexities of digital disruption, events like Orbus Navigate serve as invaluable platforms for fostering connections, sharing insights, and shaping the future of enterprise transformation.  

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