Orbus Navigate London 2024: Embracing the Future of Enterprise Transformation

Gareth Burton, CEO of Orbus Software, presenting on stage at Orbus Navigate London event. The screen behind him displays 'Welcome' and 'Embodying Digital by Default,' along with his name and title.

On May 21, 2024, Orbus Software brought the world of enterprise architecture (EA) and transformation to London's Euston Square. Orbus users and industry leaders from diverse backgrounds gathered to share ideas and shape the future of EA in a collaborative, digital environment. Take a look at the event recap!

Much like Orbus Navigate New York, the London event prioritized collaboration. From engaging Q&A discussions to interactive networking breaks, attendees actively participated in knowledge exchange. A key theme that emerged throughout the day was the importance of continuous improvement – a constant effort to refine products, processes, and workflows for both Orbus and its customers in an increasingly digital world. 

What’s new, what’s next, and what’s coming 

Jonathan Dean, VP of Product, along with the Product Team, unveiled a roadmap that had attendees eager for what's on the horizon. Exciting features like the OrbusInfinity Connector in Microsoft Power Automate are already live. Orbus product managers showcased how upcoming features will make the platform more resilient and scalable than ever before. 

Claire De Bie, Principal Product Manager, showcased the upcoming sustainability management solution, a sign of our commitment to driving sustainable innovation in all areas of our business.  

Ed Granger, VP of Product Innovation, followed up by discussing EA missions and patterns, including the power of innovations like generative AI.  He emphasized that it's not the individual capabilities that matter, but the combinations. The true potential lies in bringing everything together, and that's a big part of the exciting path OrbusInfinity is on. 

Real-world examples driving success 

Oliver Hecquer, Chief Customer Officer, highlighted the "collective genius" present at the event – a gathering of representatives from over 60 organizations from diverse industries on similar journeys. He discussed the four key factors that make EA programs successful: 

  1. A clear vision: Knowing why you're doing EA and what you want to achieve 
  2. Connected data: All your data needs to be easy to find and use 
  3. The right tools: Having the best and most reliable tools to help you with EA 
  4. Useful outputs: Getting information that helps you make better business decisions 

Case studies from Cambridge University Press & Assessment, HCLTech, Process Renewal Group, and Unipartner provided tangible examples. They showcased how Orbus empowers organizations to unlock the true potential of EA management and build robust modeling toolchains. These real-world success stories served as powerful illustrations of the potential of EA as a whole and demonstrated its clear effectiveness in driving business value. 

A thriving community 

Orbus Navigate London 2024 marked a significant milestone – it was the biggest customer event yet! This growth highlights the growing Orbus user base and the increasing importance of fostering a strong community.  

The event also celebrated the first anniversary of the OrbusNexus community. Tim Mitchell and Sheetal Chavda shared highlights from the past year, showcasing the platform's value as a dynamic space for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and connection among Orbus users across different organizations. 

The day served as a testament to Orbus' dedication to empowering its users, building a community, and shaping the future of enterprise transformation. Don't miss out on future events and ongoing community insights! If you haven’t already, make sure to join OrbusNexus