Enterprise Architecture

Architecture and Business Transformation Roundtable, UAE, April 2016


We’ve only just wrapped up the first quarter of 2016 and Orbus Software has already seen a 40% increase in customers in the Middle-East region!  This is phenomenal, as the region’s largest revenue-stream, crude oil, has seen a sharp decline effecting both OPEX and CAPEX budgets sharply.  To celebrate this success, better get-to-know our new friends, and share knowledge with our old friends, Orbus in Partnership with Mega Consulting Services hosted the Business and IT Transformation Round Table event in Abu Dhabi, the sunny Capital of the UAE. 

The event took place at the Emirates Palace Hotel, a truly magnificent establishment.  After last December’s event at the Burj-Al-Arab Dubai, expectations had been set, but of-course, only the best for our customers!

Following a quick team pep-talk over breakfast, and a shot of chocolate flavoured camel milk, we set-up our room and began welcoming delegates. The room was a delight to present at - two projector screens, two large television displays, and carpets like clouds. The day kicked off with a welcome keynote from CEO of Orbus, Andy Donoghue, and CEO of Mega Consulting Services, Zahi Muhtar. We had the honour of industry Guru Alan Simmonds from Preterlex join us and present his expertise on Enterprise Architecture and IT4IT. 

And of-course, a customer event wouldn’t be complete without some of our own customers presenting, we enjoyed some extremely insightful sessions from First Gulf Bank and New York University.  The day also gave George Sanders, our Head of Customer Success the chance to share details on our future product roadmap, my-self to share some toolset hints and tips, and Jonas Hulstaert, our Principle Consultant the chance to mingle with the crowd and share his wisdom. 

The day was an excellent blend of theory, practice, success stories, pitfalls to watch out for, and networking in-between. The after-party still continues, many organizations have requested follow-up meetings with us on topics that came to light from the day, and as I take care of the Middle-East region, I’ll be sticking around for another week or two. 

A big thanks to all those who took part in organizing the event, and all those who attended. See you at the next one!