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Build a Sustainable Enterprise

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New! Build a Sustainable Enterprise

Today, sustainability is imperative for every organization. OrbusInfinity provides a comprehensive view of an organizations business and IT infrastructures, helping you identify areas for energy efficiency improvements, resource optimization, and eco-friendly practices, facilitating the design and implementation of sustainable strategies and reducing environmental impact.

Master Enterprise Complexity

Orbus Software

Master Enterprise Complexity

OrbusInfinity is a strategic enterprise architecture platform which serves as a north star for teams navigating the complexities of enterprise transformation.

It helps organizations gain clarity and understanding across their intricate business and IT landscapes, offering a holistic perspective that makes enterprise architecture complexity more manageable and turns challenges into opportunities to drive organizational growth and resilience.

Enable Your Full IT Potential

Orbus Software


Enable Your Full IT Potential

Technology plays a crucial strategic role in your enterprise. OrbusInfinity gives you the capability to maximize its impact, overcoming challenges such as legacy complexity, tech debt, business alignment and cyber-threats.

The platform offers tools for visualizing, understanding, and optimizing your IT portfolio, making it a powerful enabler of your strategic goals.

Achieve Decision-Making Excellence

Orbus Software

Achieve Decision-Making Excellence

Decision-making lies at the core of enterprise architecture transformations. OrbusInfinity streamlines the entire decision-making lifecycle, from ongoing data gathering and analysis to data visualization and the use dashboard-driven, actionable insights.

With OrbusInfinity, the speed and accuracy of decisions become a strategic advantage for your organization.

Drive Technology Innovation

Orbus Software

Drive Technology Innovation

Technology innovation is vital for organizations to stay competitive and adapt to evolving market demands. OrbusInfinity provides a structured framework to manage and align technology initiatives, optimize resources, improve decision-making, and ensure effective governance of technology solutions, ultimately driving business value and enabling successful innovation.

Guide Resilient Growth

Orbus Software

Guide Resilient Growth

Strategic transformations are needed to achieve growth and stay resilient in the face of current global disruption from economic downturn, climate change, conflict and cyberthreats.

OrbusInfinity helps you chart this path; with our insights and tools, you can strategically plan and execute your transformation agenda, ensuring that change becomes an opportunity rather than a threat.

Orbus Software Sustainable Enterprise Transformation

Transform Your Business with Sustainable Decision-Making

Introducing the Sustainability Lens

Discover how you can revolutionize your organization's approach to sustainability. Gain insights, enhance transparency, and drive effective change.



Business drivers

Driving change for operational resilience

Help and support to achieve your strategic business goals



mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Integrating systems, tools and platforms is one of the key challenges of M&A. To succeed, you need to make the most of due diligence and integration planning. The correct EA/M&A strategy and execution will, ultimately, reduce customer impact and deliver the best results for your clients.

Explore Mergers & Acquisitions
cloud migration

Cloud Migration

The cloud is no longer the future - it is a crucial part of your IT infrastructure. Migrating to and from the cloud needs analysis, skill and confidence. OrbusInfinity helps you migrate to the cloud by building a clear roadmap with detailed planning and compliance at its heart, supporting you every step of the way.

Explore Cloud Migration
IT rationalization

IT Rationalization

Optimizing IT infrastructure (hardware & software) is challenging but crucial. Rapid advancements turn today's transformative systems into future legacies. By diligently tracking performance and cost/benefit of IT investments, you gain insights to plan and prepare for changes.

Explore IT Rationalization
strategic transformation

Strategic Transformation

From current state analysis to future state design and business process modeling. OrbusInfinity helps you achieve your strategic objectives and stay competitive.

Explore Strategic Transformation
risk and resilience

Operational Resilience

Meeting the need with intelligence, resources, time, and effort. OrbusInfinity delivers a comprehensive platform to identify issues, free up resources, evaluate and mitigate risks.

Explore Operational Resilience

OrbusInfinity and DORA  

Strengthen your digital resilience

Navigate the new landscape of financial digital risk management. Learn more about the EU's Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and how OrbusInfinity can help your firm comply with it to build a robust, resilient organization.


Learn how to be DORA-compliant
Orbus Software Operational Resiliency

meeting your transformation needs

Why choose Orbus?

Driving success

We draw on our ‘coal-face’ experience to evolve the OrbusInfinity enterprise architecture platform and grow a global team of professional services experts

Supporting Growth

Whether you need foundational support or have sophisticated requirements, we have the flexibility to support you at any stage of your enterprise architecture journey

Customer Choice

We are privileged to top the listings on the Gartner’s customer review portal and to have been awarded Gartner’s vendor ‘Customer Choice’ for the last 6 years

Recognized Leaders

We are proud to be recognized as a Leader in both Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools and Forrester’s WAVE for EA Management Suites

Sector-leading ROI

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study reported 400% return on investment
AI OrbusInfinity 2

Transform with intelligence

AI Enhancements in OrbusInfinity

Dive into the age of intelligent transformation. OrbusInfinity integrates AI to automate, accelerate, and augment your enterprise journey.

Gartner Customer Choice Winners for the last 8 years

Orbus is way ahead of the competition on the Gartner Peer Insights platform


A ‘Leader’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for EA Tools

We were recognized as a Leader for both our ‘Ability to Execute’ and ‘Completeness of Vision’


A Business Capability Model for Sustainability

Explore Gartner’s findings on how business capability models drive sustainability and ESG initiatives


Latest Success Story

How OrbusInfinity aligned perfectly with Scottish Water

Scottish Water re-selects iServer as their Enterprise Architecture tool

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Partnership Specialists

Orbus Software partner program

Our network of technology providers, consultancies, IT services providers, and systems integrators help accelerate our customer's success.


Taking action for a better world

We believe in leaving a positive legacy for future generations. Through our commitment to sustainability and technology, we strive to lead by example and drive meaningful change. Our initiatives reflect our core values and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

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