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COVID-19 and Orbus Software: Our Response


Orbus Software is committed to ensuring safe working conditions and preventing the spread of the virus. Here are the steps we are taking to help these aims.

As we have seen across the globe, there has already been a huge impact on people’s daily lives and the activities of a business. Like many organizations, Orbus has also moved to ensure our staff and customers are protected: 

  1. We have enforced a work-from-home policy for our teams in all regions. Fortunately, as a technology company with a global footprint and customers in more than 47 countries, our personnel are well accustomed to remote working and collaboration. We anticipate no disruption to our internal operations resulting from remote working for a sustained period.
  2. We will continue to provide the best possible service to our customers during these difficult times. All of our consultants are well versed in offering remote support, whether through email, conference call or screen sharing. Furthermore, all current onsite operations are being rebooked to work remotely, and we will continue to strive to help our customers continue to provide their services for the benefit of the public.
  3. We will soon be announcing a new series of webinars delivered by our expert consultants, available to all. Check back soon for the official announcement and list of topics and speakers.
  4. Individually, every Orbus employee is making sure to adhere to government advice, wherever they are based, and practice social distancing and good sanitation practices.  

We will be ready to restore our global travel capability to provide onsite services as soon as is practical, while taking every precaution to protect our staff and clients.  

Every action that your firm and you as an individual can take will help to delay and reduce the impact of COVID-19. From all of us at Orbus Software, we thank you for joining us in preventing the further spread of the virus and look forward to supporting your transformation initiatives through this unusual period.