Orbeez around the world come together at the OrbCon debut

OrbCon Drone Shot-min

“Orbus is dealing with one of the megatrends in software, which is digital transformation. As we know, large companies around the world have highly fragmented and often antiquated environments and they desperately need software to see through the chaos, manage those transformations and to modernize businesses” - John Messamore, Managing Partner at SilverTree Equity.

At the end of May we hosted our first ever OrbCon, and what an event it was. The event took place in Reading and was attended by our brilliant teams from EMEA, North America and Australia. 

We understand that to be a global company, the people need to know each other. We wanted our employees to leave the room more inspired than when they walked in. While we know our Orbeez are already pulling out all the stops, the event allowed us all to take it that one step further and explore these four areas:

  • Focus - We explored key avenues that require focus for the next year.

  • Customer – We discussed how to make customers ​successful for life.

  • Innovation – We looked at how we can provide innovation for customer value​.

  • Team  Great companies are made up of great people, so we explored whether we are attracting and retaining A-Player teams, and how we can execute with clear objectives in a positive workplace culture.

We were thrilled to have external speakers join us throughout the day. This included Tim Nixon, Head of UK Consulting at Teneo, Ian Spence, Founder and Chairman at Megabuyte, and John Messamore, Managing Partner at SilverTree Equity. We also heard from our wonderful customers at Three UK and KPMG. (An impressive list, if we say so ourselves!). 

Architecting a digital future 

Throughout the event, we shared and discussed our purpose of Architecting the digital future. This included how Orbus really helps our customers manage and overcome various external pain points, including spiraling costs, disconnected data, and a lack of visibility. 

As we have learned the hard way, disruption is always peeking around the corner. That’s why a key focus of the day was to understand how to help organizations become more resilient and make controlled, faster and smarter decisions. We delved into the steps businesses must take to achieve a single source of truth in their organization, and how they can effectively manage cost and investment.

What’s next for Orbus?

With our first OrbCon event now over, this marks the beginning of our journey for the next six months. We aim to continue to have constant, clear communication throughout the whole team and our customers globally as we aim to complete our key success indicators this year. 

Overall, we’d like to extend a huge thanks to the leadership team, all the presenters, facilitators, organizers and to all the participants who made the event so special. We couldn't have done it without you. And to all our Ukrainian partners, colleagues who couldn’t join us at OrbCon, we thought of you throughout the event and hope you are all safe in this time of crisis. 

We have set the bar high with OrbCon22, but OrbCon23 will be even bigger and better.

Just you wait and see…