Orbus Software announces enhanced integration with ServiceNow

  • Integration reduces the chances of human error for customers leading to greater business impact

London, UK; June 21st 2022: Orbus Software, a leading provider of cloud solutions for digital transformation, has announced its enhanced integration with ServiceNow. As part of a new integration with its long-standing technology partner, Orbus Software customers will now be empowered with accurate decision-making, leading to accelerated productivity and the breakdown of silos. 

As the world’s leading cloud platform for IT operations and service management, ServiceNow helps organizations address the most pressing challenges facing every industry, in every region, and transform businesses for a new economy. 

In turn, Orbus Software has created a module with ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMBD). The integration allows customers to make data-driven, business-critical decisions that can transform a company’s infrastructure. This includes rationalizing applications, determining new technology investments, eliminating business processes, and moving applications to the cloud. Combined, teams can make a greater impact, with less effort.

ServiceNow CMDB stores up-to-date information about IT assets such as business applications, software models and hardware models, and ensures the quality of the information held in iServer365’s repository is always accurate. By automating the decision-making process with the integration model, the chances of human error can be eliminated and users can be certain that the data held in iServer365’s repository will lead to positive business outcomes. 

Rupert Colbourne, CTO at Orbus Software commented:

“Enterprise architects today are constantly battling with the challenge of retrieving information from other departments and enforcing policies to ensure that their enterprise architecture repository reflects reality. Our integration with ServiceNow will break down these silos, leading to greater productivity and overall better decision making.”

Marjorie Martinez, Head of Global Partnerships at Orbus Software, commented:

“As the need for digital transformation accelerates like never before, customers are increasingly looking for interconnected cloud platforms. As a technology partner of ServiceNow, our enhanced integration is just one of the many ways Orbus Software is taking steps to support customers. This further positions the iServer Suite as an essential choice for CIOs and their teams across the globe.”

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