Orbus Software delivers record 700%+ SaaS growth

Orbus Software delivers record 700%+ SaaS Growth Featured Card
  • Achieves global ARR growth of 40%+ in 2021 driven by cloud adoption

  • Company strengthens global executive team including appointment of Adam Hale as chairperson, Paul Smith as Chief Financial Officer, Alex Day as SVP Sales for Americas, Marjorie Martinez as Global Head of Partnerships and Matt Durazzani as Head of Commercial Operations

  • Strong innovation roadmap across cybersecurity, sustainability and AI/ML areas

Companies globally are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives, resulting in a huge increase in clarity, agility and resilience across their enterprise-wide transformation programs. As a leading provider of cloud solutions for digital transformation, Orbus Software has seen a record ARR growth of 40%+ in 2021, driven by 700%+ ARR increase in demand for its iServer365 enterprise transformation platform.

The company added over 80 iServer365 customers in 2021, reflecting the growing demand for SaaS enterprise transformation platforms. New brands joining the cloud platform include IKEA, Tesco Bank, Selfridges, Bank of Montreal, Fujitsu, AXA, and American United Insurance. 

An accelerating growth trajectory has led to North American operations doubling in size and 60+ new hires over the last six months. To lead global expansion activities, the company has also appointed several new senior executives in both US & UK markets:

  • Adam Hale has been appointed as Chair of the Board alongside similar roles in high growth B2B SaaS businesses including Arctic Shores, Clue Software & the ScaleUp Institute

  • Paul Smith joins as Chief Financial Officer with 30+ years of experience in private-equity backed global B2B software companies including IFS AB and Pirum Systems

  • Alex Day is appointed as Senior Vice President Sales, Americas. He joins from Signavio, the hyper growth business process intelligence software vendor that was recently acquired by SAP for $1B+ in early 2021

  • Marjorie Martinez joins as Global Head of Partnerships with 20+ years of experience from leading global firms including Signavio, Erwin and CA Technologies

  • Matt Durazzani joins as Head of Commercial Operations with specialist experience in rapidly scaling public and VC-backed companies including DOMO and MX

Michael D’Onofrio, CEO, Orbus Software, commented: “Digital transformation is now a critical imperative for all business leaders. The last two years have completely rewritten the rules of the industry and the demand for enterprise architecture solutions is soaring. At Orbus Software, we are committed to helping our customers not only transform their enterprises but build sustainable and resilient operations to accelerate their digital future. We will continue to invest heavily in our people, our customers, our platform and our partner ecosystem to support this rapid growth trajectory.”

Orbus Software adds new innovation programs to platform roadmap

Orbus Software recently announced its enhanced User Experience release for iServer365, which will bolster usability and accelerate time to value. Other innovation programs to expand the iServer365 platform beyond strategy, architecture and process core strengths include developing cybersecurity and sustainability product extensions alongside accelerating the use of machine learning techniques to increase automation and predictive capabilities.

The company has established a market leadership role at the intersection of digital and sustainability, with its commitment to be Carbon Negative in 2022 alongside working with customers to help make their technology operations more sustainable. Its product and partnerships roadmap also includes several new capabilities to help customers incorporate a sustainability lens into their business and technology roadmap decisions.

Michael continued “We’re committed to lead from the front in helping our customers achieve their sustainability objectives and are taking Corporate Social Responsibility seriously across our operations. Organizations must take this initiative into their own hands, and we’re leading the way by making conscious decisions in our day-to-day activities and in selecting partners and suppliers.”