Orbus Software Slide Into the Festive Period

So we come at last to the end of another year, with everyone at Orbus looking forwards to the festive break and the start of another year. The return of some pandemic restrictions prevented a proper Christmas celebration in the Orbus offices, but that didn’t stop us from getting into the festive spirit over teams. There’s certainly been a lot of highs in 2021, and keep your eyes peeled for our Best of 2021 resources coming soon. 

December itself is always a quieter month, though that hasn’t stopped us from putting out valuable resources and great EA related content. Highlight of the month was the launch of Orbus Software’s LinkedIn Live series of streams, “See the Forest, Not the Trees”. We kicked off with Episode 1: Connecting Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation on the 8th, with Episode 2: Exploring Enterprise Architecture and Technology following on the 15th. Both live streams are still freely available to view by following the links. 

In fact, it was a month of live streams, with Orbus’s Australian office getting in on the action as well. The Essentials of a Minimum Viable Enterprise Architecture, presented by EA consultant Jeremy Sadler, premiered at an Australian suitable time, but for those who didn’t want to stay up till the early hours, it too is available for viewing. Look forward to more live streams coming for both Australian and Global audiences in 2022. 

Elsewhere, we published the 7th in the CIO Challenge series, looking at how architects are constrained by existing tools. On the blog, we covered the need for enterprise architects to take the right actions at the time

There’ll be plenty more to come from Orbus Software when we return in January. Until then, we wish you a safe and merry Christmas, a happy new year, 新年快乐,and с Новым Годом!