Orbus Software are Sponsors for the Gartner Virtual IT Symposium

Gartner Symposium

Sept 2021; London, UK: Orbus Software are delighted to be sponsoring the Gartner Virtual IT Symposium from the 18th-21st October, the most important event of the year for CIOs and IT professionals. Registration is still possible for the event if you want to learn about IT leadership skills, strategies, and much more. Register Here

The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ conference brings together CIOs and IT executives to discuss key topics, including dynamic leadership, digital business acceleration, cybersecurity, customer experience, future of work and more. You’ll have access to some of the greatest minds in IT and opportunities to engage with peers facing similar challenges. 

Orbus will be running an SPS (Solution Provider Session), with a talk given by Orbus customer BNY Mellon. Titled “BNY Mellon: Driving Iterative Transformation with Enterprise Architecture at Scale,” the talk will be led by Marc Oren, Director of Architecture & Data, and focus on BNY’s architecture practice and its successes.

About Orbus Software  

Orbus Software is a global software vendor and a recognised leading provider of cloud solutions for digital transformation. Its products drive alignment between strategy and execution by leveraging familiar Microsoft tools to ensure rapid adoption and best-in-breed functionality.  

Marc Oren 

Director, Architecture & Data 

Marc Oren is an Enterprise Architect at BNYM. He is a published computer scientist with 20+ years of IT and Architecture Experience. He believes a successful architecture program drives an actionable architecture with frequent touch points which delivers value and outcomes for the business.