Orbus Software Unveils OrbusInfinity Decision Intelligence Platform


Orbus Software, a cloud solutions provider for accelerated decision-making, has announced the launch of its decision intelligence platform called OrbusInfinity. The platform is designed to provide businesses with visibility into their technology environment, allowing them to align their IT strategy with their business goals while becoming more agile, adaptable, and resilient.  

With increasing uncertainty, businesses need to transform faster and more frequently, often requiring significant changes in their technology landscape. However, organizations often have complex technology systems that do not provide the necessary data for effective decision-making. As a result, organizations are struggling to reduce their technical debt as they lack visibility into their processes and technology infrastructure, making it difficult to stay competitive. 

OrbusInfinity solves this issue by providing visual insights that enable faster, more intelligent decision-making. Building on two decades of enterprise architecture experience, the product provides a centralized and governed repository for contextual data and viewpoints, allowing for 360-degree visibility across the organization. This central source of truth facilitates decision-making and spans various landscapes such as strategy, process, information, application, technology, and risk. Additionally, the product is highly flexible and configurable, enabling architecture teams to support an extended range of integrated customer use cases/requirements, from IT rationalization to strategic planning and business process analysis. 

OrbusInfinity also offers deep integration with Microsoft 365 and ServiceNow, allowing seamless integration with existing Microsoft 365 and ServiceNow environments. This enables users to access OrbusInfinity from within their familiar productivity tools, maximizing stakeholder engagement with the platform. The product also provides an extensive range of pre-packaged, self-service integrations, toolkits, and dashboards to accelerate time to first insights/decisions and realization of desired business outcomes. 

Rupert Colbourne, CTO of Orbus Software, stated, "Businesses lack the visibility needed to make and execute decisions around strategic transformation. Our solution provides the transparency and insights that enable enterprises to restructure, reimagine, and re-engineer their technology and business capabilities, delivering a sustainable competitive advantage. By removing digital blind spots, organizations can accelerate their transformation efforts and build resiliency." 

OrbusInfinity's key benefits include providing organizations with actionable insights to optimize their business technology strategy, simplifying operations to help increase agility, staying competitive and becoming more customer-centric. As a result, organizations will be able to accelerate their transformation efforts and build resiliency. The platform is an essential tool for organizations looking to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape.