Orbus Software Wins Silver at Learning Technologies Awards 2023 for Outstanding Onboarding Program

Photo of Orbus Software team at Learning Technologies Awards 2023, having won Silver in its category

In a remarkable feat amidst stiff competition, Orbus Software has secured the Silver award in the 'Best technology-based onboarding programme' category at the Learning Technologies Awards 2023. This prestigious accolade highlights the company's innovative approach to employee onboarding, distinguishing it among over 450 entries across various categories. 

The competition was fierce, with Orbus standing against industry giants like HSBC, Deloitte, and Amazon. Orbus's onboarding program stood out for its holistic design, tailored to cater to every new starter in the business, with specific pathways for certain roles. The blend of relevant content, a mix of online and offline elements, and a culture-first focus were key factors in its effectiveness. This innovative approach was fueled by the company’s partnership with learning content provider Go1 and learning experience platform HowNow. 

The judges were particularly impressed by the wide-ranging impact of the onboarding experience across the organization, the multi-faceted statistics that demonstrated how well the program had been implemented and the positive effect that it had. They noted: “The program’s success was evident from the level of thought and detail that went into the design by its team.” 

The award ceremony itself only added to the achievement, with a champagne reception, stand-up entertainment by comedians, and a live band that kept the spirits high. A notable highlight of the evening was the camaraderie and mutual celebration among the attending teams.

Orbus's achievement at the Learning Technologies Awards 2023 not only celebrates the company's commitment to innovative learning solutions but also sets a benchmark in the industry for technology-driven employee onboarding.