Our Commitment to Sustainability

We're going Carbon Negative in 2022

Our goal at Orbus Software has always been to help companies achieve their digital transformation goals and thus become better, more efficient businesses. As the world develops, what this means will naturally change, as we are seeing with the increasing focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. We all have a responsibility to the wider world, and more and more businesses are realizing that they too have a role to play in driving sustainability.

Orbus Software are no different. In our mission to accelerate the digital futures of major enterprises, we can and will play a major role in making technology greener, friendlier and better for the world. At the same time, we must practice what we preach. That's why we are delighted to announce the first steps in our approach to being a sustainable business.

First, we pledge to become a Carbon Negative company in 2022. And yes, we mean carbon negative, not carbon neutral. Together with Planetly, the carbon management platform, we will work to offset all of our carbon emissions, past and future.

Second, Orbus Software are set to become one of a select group of sponsors for the SDIA - the Sustainability Digital Infrastructure Alliance. The SDIA is an alliance of European technology companies and stakeholders that are working towards sustainable digital infrastructure. As sponsors, we will help to lead SDIA steering groups and facilitate the commercial implementation of sustainable solutions.

These initiatives will place Orbus Software at the forefront of sustainability, and enable us to bring real expertise to our customers as we help them to make their technology operations more sustainable. There will be much more to come from these partnerships over the coming months, and we looking forward to sharing more with you as we integrate with Planetly and help steer the SDIA.

- Michael D'Onofrio

CEO, Orbus Software