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If you are as passionate as we are about the possibilities and importance of strategic transformation, then you might just be our next Solutions Partner. We want to extend capabilities with integrations between iServer365 and your offering.

What works

We want partners to get involved in joint sales and marketing initiatives with Orbus Software. Introductions can be through business development activity of your own or referrals from us.
You can simplify your own client engagements by actually deploying Orbus solutions as part of your offering. You can then produce high-end deliverables packaged around your own frameworks and methodologies using iServer.
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Innovation Partner

How it works

We believe our future will be defined by a strong network of consultancies, IT services providers, and technology developers spanning all major markets and delivering across all transformation use cases. So we work with you to provide the best possible support for:



  • Online Learning
    Product Accreditations & Certifications
    Demo, Test & Training instance
    POC, POV Support
    Technology Exchange


  • Partner Branding & Logo Usage
    Partner Locator, Solution Page
    Marketing Funding – Events, Webinars
    Joint Branded Collateral


  • Customer Referral
    Sales Lead Generation incentives

Building campaigns and enabling sales

We will also create market leading campaign content for our shared go-to-market strategy. We share our own valuable customer insights to produce a joint plan that creates winning solutions.

You will soon learn that we are totally committed to our customer-centric partnering culture. Our goal is to have industry-defining relationships with our partners as we will both be working to accelerate digital transformation for our customers. And in doing so create more resilient and sustainable organizations and long term customers.

Grow with us

Interested partners can apply here to join Orbus Softwares’ Partner Program

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