Customer success

Charles River Labs

“OrbusInfinity’s ability to link data to various elements of our organization and transform it into valuable insights is crucial for guiding our strategies and reducing operational costs.”

Chief Architect
Cary Brown






Use Case

Strategic Portfolio Management, Risk and Compliance, Governance

The Challenge

Charles River Laboratories is a leading contract research organization specializing in all stages of drug development for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Technology and data-based research uphold its commitment to providing timely, accurate, reliable, and repeatable results in every stage of development.  

The drive to meet regulatory compliance and streamline processes prompted top executives to examine their data, automations, and integrations, ultimately igniting their digital transformation initiatives. 

Charles River Labs Case

The Result

Charles River Laboratories leverages the data in its application portfolio and the marketplace of integrations with OrbusInfinity (formerly iServer365) to enhance agility in every stage of pharmaceutical development. The platform enables enterprise architects to stay on top of ongoing changes and understand the relationships between different facets of the organization, which is key to driving their strategy and lowering operational costs. 


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