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“Orbus Software offers a user-friendly, flexible tool, essential for guiding government agencies through their digital transformation journeys.”

Principal Consultant for EA & Digital Transformation
Mohammed Yaseen






Use Case


The Challenge

CompTech is a leading consulting firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), specializing in digital transformation, enterprise architecture (EA), and data management.

CompTech leverages Orbus Software to drive digital innovation not only within its own operations but also across its broad client base, which consists largely of esteemed Middle Eastern government organizations.

The public sector in KSA, which employs approximately two-thirds of the country’s citizens, is undergoing a massive digital transformation. As part of the Saudi Vision 2030 and The Digital Government Strategy (2023-2030), government entities must align with modern governance standards, improve public services, and foster economic growth and diversification. Digital transformation becomes not just a strategic goal but a necessity for Saudi government organizations to meet these ambitious objectives.

Orbus Software Partner

Enterprise architecture management systems play a major role in realizing these goals by studying and analyzing the current state, establishing the target state, and developing a roadmap to bridge that gap.

Recognizing the unique challenges of the Saudi government sector, including data jurisdiction and privacy, CompTech found Orbus Software’s enterprise architecture management system iServer to be the optimal choice to support its growing customer base. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features allow for seamless integration into government agencies' operations. This fosters a collaborative environment for business and IT teams to govern the digital transformation journey and support decision-making. With Orbus Software, KSA government organizations can:

  • Build their own metamodel
  • Create custom EA repositories
  • Import data related to the components of the EA
  • Link between these components across EA layers
  • Design the necessary models, drawings, reports, and decision-making dashboards
  • Maintain control over their data within the nation's borders


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The Result

CompTech strongly recommends iServer for its transformative impact. Its success in streamlining processes and enhancing decision-making in government agencies highlights its value as a tool for future-focused digital consultancy. In a recent project in the city of Medina, CompTech reported that its customer was able to retire 20% of its applications following the implementation of Orbus Software’s platform. This not only removed redundant tech from its application landscape but also reduced costs and streamlined operations.

“Thanks to Orbus Software, our clients have seen improved alignment between business and IT, leading to more efficient decision-making and reduced IT complexity,” says Mohammed Yaseen, Principal Consultant for EA & Digital Transformation at CompTech.


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