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Zurich Cantonal Bank

"It's about seeing the bigger picture. OrbusInfinity helps us visualize how each piece fits into our broader context, motivating our team and sharpening our focus on agility and sustainability."

Head of IT Architecture
Claus Hintermeier



Financial Services



Use Case

IT Portfolio Management, Business Capability Management, Solution Architecture

The Challenge

In the face of an increasingly complex and tightly regulated banking industry, Zurich Cantonal Bank recognized the urgent need to adeptly manage its extensive IT landscape. The rapid adoption of agile development frameworks added another layer of complexity, transforming interactions between IT architects and business/engineering teams. This backdrop underscored the bank's need for a sophisticated tool to streamline IT management and enhance compliance capabilities, facilitating agile responses to regulatory inquiries and audits.



Since 2011, Zurich Cantonal Bank has used Orbus Software solutions, particularly valuing their integration with Microsoft technologies and balance of structured data management with manual modeling. Having used the on-premises solution iServer for several years, the bank decided to migrate to Orbus’s cloud-first platform, OrbusInfinity. This was motivated by the platform’s:

  • Comprehensive features for transparency and visual modeling, crucial for meeting regulatory demands.
  • Capabilities for structured data management and the flexibility for manual modeling and custom visualizations, catering to diverse stakeholder needs.

The migration to OrbusInfinity was meticulously planned to ensure operational continuity, preserving the bank's historical data while embracing advanced IT architecture management. A parallel focus on comprehensive training for both admin and users underscored the strategic shift to this future-focused platform.


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The Result

The adoption of OrbusInfinity has transformed IT management and regulatory compliance at Zurich Cantonal Bank, resulting in:

  • Improved accessibility and engagement with IT data.
  • Streamlined document and workflow management through SharePoint integration.
  • Enhanced agility in adapting to regulatory changes.
  • Increased responsiveness to external auditors and regulators.

OrbusInfinity’s role as a core tool in the IT architecture department has not only met but exceeded expectations, proving indispensable for tracking regulatory changes and maintaining compliance. Its flexible repository integrates data from various sources, simplifying updates and navigation of the IT landscape in response to regulatory adjustments.

Zurich Cantonal Bank views OrbusInfinity as pivotal in its future growth and adaptation strategy. Plans include leveraging the platform for advanced technology mapping, impact assessments, and strategic application and technology lifecycle planning. Enhanced cybersecurity measures and the visualization of relationships for architectural decisions will ensure the bank remains agile and sustainable in the face of industry challenges.


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