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CohnReznick is a leading accounting, tax, and advisory firm, with more than 2,700 employees in offices around the world. The company offers a diverse range of services, including but not limited to Business Strategy & Operations Advisory, Management & Technology Consulting, Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk & Compliance, and Valuation & Transaction services across a wide range of industry verticals.

CohnReznick works at the top of the enterprise hierarchy using architecture not so much as a core discipline, but as a tool to highlight pain points to the audience and engage clients in understanding, developing, and executing strategy. At this level, the focus is on enterprise value making a high-level view preferable, enabling a quick understanding of the current operations of the enterprise.

The key here is identifying the organisations strategic objectives and mapping the flow of value, which rightly earns the approach they name ‘Pathfinding’.

The obvious advantage to this value oriented architecture is it can help to quickly get a good understanding of the situation as is and how it can be improved across the business, application and technology layers.

iServer stood out as a mature and balanced platform that could handle a wide variety of tasks across multiple domains. It allowed them to exercise their skills and knowledge by placing a comprehensive range of features and functionality at their fingertips and letting them choose the required path. CohnReznick has begun using iServer to deliver a number of projects for their clients, take the example to follow.

The Challenge

A federated organisation in the agricultural logistics business in the Asia-Pacific region had a legacy, custom-made system that managed the operational technology that drove the “source-to-port” logistics chain. The legacy system had evolved over time within the company. As such, there were organic processes that complemented its method of operation; however, this was not necessarily the most optimal practice.

As a result, the client was undertaking a major in-flight logistics project, having selected a leading vendor in operational technology. The vendor had an extensive portfolio of solutions, and a work program exceeding eight figures was approved, based on the vendor’s collective functionality. Yet, not everything in the portfolio had been moved to standard structures, and the client lacked insight into the vendor’s functionality stack, business capabilities, and functional gaps. The client required a deep assessment to determine whether the program was oriented for success and would deliver the desired value.

CohnReznick evaluated the vendor’s proposed solution and program dimensions, as well as the likelihood of the client realising the desired value. Using iServer, CohnReznick quickly built out the business architecture and the associated drivers that informed the strategic decisions (goals, objectives).

iServer was used to define and capture key dimensions of the business elements, including maturity of process, complexity, value delivered, and criticality. The entire vendor profile was assessed and attributes were again used to capture unique dimensions that informed the architecture.

Their client was provided a graphical viewpoint with all the supporting evidence to measure the practicality of the program’s strategic intent; the readiness of the vendor architecture; and the program’s progress. Based on this assessment using iServer, CohnReznick made key recommendations that were accepted by the client, and the program was adjusted to accommodate the new realities.

The Results

"ideas, concepts. iServer is one of the few solutions out there that allows you to evolve these standards to suit real needs."

Ultimately, integrating iServer into their business practice has had a positive effect within CohnReznick. Given the benefits they were able to pass onto clients and the efficiencies they gained, the company’s offering has improved. They now deliver more value, their proposition is more cohesive, which on one hand tells their customer base a tale of continuous improvement, and on the other makes their offering more attractive to new business prospects.

"iServer Has Been An Absolute Accelerant For Us." Vincent Dermody - Managing Director of Noi Strategies Pty Limited, A Subsidiary Of Cohnreznick

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