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Banco Montepio Leverage Enterprise Architecture to Accelerate Digital Innovation in Response to COVID-19

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    “Imagine I want to update a network switch. Without iServer365, I must spend time tracking down many different servers. Then I must find out which apps are running which business capabilities they support. This process might take me a month. By the time I have gathered the information, some of it will be out of date!
    With iServer 365, I can do all of this in a few clicks.”

    Bruno Abreu





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The Challenge

  • Over the past two years, Banco Montepio has moved quickly to accelerate its digital transformation and bring products and services online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Their IT architects needed more visibility into the infrastructure, systems and applications underpinning the business capabilities required to support both customers and employees. 

The Move to Digitization 

Banco Montepio is a Portuguese mutual savings organization, headquartered in Lisbon, and has been in operation since 1844. Unipartner is an IT Consulting firm who worked closely with Banco Montepio and Orbus Software to implement their digital strategy.

The past year has seen Banco Montepio fast-tracking its digital transformation initiatives to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. 

This transformation involved accelerating its strategy of innovation and automation with the increased use of AI and cognitive process automation - an automated real-time interaction assistant that helped resolve customer questions first time without using a human agent. They also created a host of new digital systems for customer interaction and enabled small business owners to open accounts online.

Increased Reliance on Technology 

These new services mean that Banco Montepio is increasingly reliant on technology to serve its existing customers and prospects. 

When the new CIO arrived at Banco Montepio, he wanted to ensure that his team had complete control of the IT systems to ensure their reliability.

In his previous role at another bank, his team had visibility into all aspects of the IT infrastructure. He wanted his new team to be in complete control of the IT that the organization relies on.

The Result

  • Banco Montepio’s new CIO chose to work with Unipartner and Orbus Software to implement Enterprise Architecture (EA) at the bank. 

  • iServer365 now provides out-of-the-box dashboards to give senior management visibility so they can make business-critical decisions fast.

Enterprise Architecture the Key to Success 

The CIO had worked with Unipartner at his previous bank and chose to partner with them again so they could deploy and provide ongoing support for his enterprise architecture requirements using iServer365. It was important for the bank to work with a partner and an EA vendor who could ensure long-term success.

The bank chose iServer365 partly because of its integration capabilities with Microsoft applications such as Visio and SharePoint, which allowed the employees to use applications that they are already familiar with for modeling and information sharing.  

iServer365 Supports Critical Capabilities 

Before deploying iServer365, the bank had no EA processes in place. However, they recognized that as their digital transformation initiative was so significant, their enterprise architecture project would impact many parts of the business. 

The first step was to ensure that they had a robust process to support infrastructure and applications running critical business capabilities. 

They realized that iServer365 would provide information for many different parts of the business, including the infrastructure teams, the applications teams looking to move applications to the cloud, the compliance team responsible for GDPR and those responsible for the wider business processes across the business. 

Faster Decision Making Enables Transformation 

In addition to the operational teams, they have adapted out-of-the-box dashboards to give senior management visibility so they can make business-critical decisions based on up-to-date information.

“When migrating infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud, we use iServer365 to establish the dependencies between everything to reduce the risk as much as possible.” - Bruno Abreu

Democratization of Information

As iServer365 and Enterprise Architecture are new to the bank, it was important for them to make it as easy as possible for the users to create documentation and keep it up to date as full documentation forms the basis for the success of the entire project.

The bank realized that there are multiple benefits to having important information kept centrally: 

  • They no longer rely on important information about their IT systems being held in the heads of individual architects who may leave taking vital facts with them  

  • Architects can spend time adding value to the organization rather than chasing people in different departments to understand dependencies before acting.

“Imagine I want to update a network switch. Without iServer365, I must spend time tracking down many different architects to find out which servers it is connected to. Then I must find out which apps are running on those servers and which business capabilities they support. This process might take me a month to do. By the time I have gathered the information, some of it will be out of date! All I want to do is perform a simple update.
With iServer 365, I can do all of this in a few clicks.”

While it is essential to centrally store all the critical enterprise data, the bank realized that it is important to get value from the system. As a result, they make sure that they only add and maintain documentation that will add value to the business.

“It’s not about documenting everything. It’s a balance between what we have to model versus the value we are going to get from adding and maintaining information in the EA tools.”

To ensure that engineers keep documentation up to date, the bank first confirmed that everyone realized that they were accountable for updating their part of it – if somebody owned infrastructure, a system or an application, they were held responsible for updating it.

This democratization of information means that the technology owners now understand that it is essential for them to update their own documentation because others will rely on it when making changes that could impact them.  

Demonstrating Early Value 

Even though the CIO understood the business value of iServer365, it was important to demonstrate value to the bank quickly.

“Saying we’re going to add value in two years is insane. EAs need to be showing value within three months.”

The first area where iServer365 added value quickly involved infrastructure and applications with upcoming end-of-life or end-of-support dates. iServer365 enabled the bank to determine which business capabilities were affected, identify the associated risks and put measures in place to ensure that the business was not affected.

iServer365 Deals with the Biggest Financial Sector Challenges 

In addition, iServer365 made dealing with external auditors easier. Like much of the world, Portugal has stringent regulations covering the finance sector. The bank needs to provide auditors from the central bank and other regulators with the right information. To assist the external auditors, Banco Montepio has given them access to the iServer365 portal, which means they can now work through the dependencies themselves to ensure that the bank's infrastructure is robust and is adhering to all necessary regulations. 

Summary - iServer365 Delivers for Banco Montepio 

Like many banks, Banco Montepio found themselves accelerating its digital transformation initiatives because of Covid-19. As a result, they now have migrated many of their consumer and business services to their digital platform. 

To ensure the efficient support of these digital services in the future, the bank has worked with Unipartner and Orbus to implement a robust enterprise architecture using iServer365. Using iServer365, they are now in a strong position as they understand the dependencies between the different components of their IT infrastructure. They can quickly and efficiently build and maintain critical systems that support key business capabilities using the information available to them in iServer365.

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