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Bulla Support Digital Transformation with iServer365

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    "Get iServer365 and do your enterprise architecture. I wish I’d done this two years ago with Bulla. iServer365 is a very powerful tool for helping to guide the business at a strategic level"

    Andrew Wright






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The Challenge

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) guides and informs business strategy
  • Without EA, Bulla can’t understand or map the capability of the business
  • A mature EA tool is essential to get architecture right

Bulla Dairy Foods is an Australian dairy company that manufactures and exports a range of ice cream, table cream, yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, and imitation cream under various brands. Bulla Dairy Foods has expanded internationally, exporting its products to more than 20 countries, as well as supplying products nationally within Australia to supermarket retailers.

The Need for Enterprise Architecture

New Bulla CIO Andrew Wright is a proponent of Enterprise Architecture, with the belief he could revolutionize Bulla’s ICT department, using EA to identify where technology investment is required. The more Andrew has looked into EA, the more he’s realized how fundamental it is.

Coming into the role, Andrew thought it was important to focus on capabilities and not just technology, taking a holistic approach and looking at how people and processes are always part of the solution. EA was the path to achieve this, providing Bulla with the tools necessary to guide business strategy and understand capabilities across the organisation. Andrew also wanted an EA tool that could provide an evidence-based system to support his CIO role.

Initially, Bulla tried to do all its Enterprise Architecture within Excel spreadsheets and Visio diagrams, but this proved far too cumbersome and the company soon realised it needed a mature EA tool.

Choosing iServer365

Bulla became an iServer365 customer at the end of 2020. Bulla started with an RFP, but iServer365 immediately stood out for its integration with the Microsoft suite, while the power and flexibility on offer were unmatched at iServer365’s price point. The most powerful feature praised by Bulla is the option to create dynamic Visio process maps that are linked to specific databases. This enables a user to update the diagram or the data, and have the change reflected in both.

Orbus Software’s support and responsiveness were also big draws. As an Australian firm, Bulla were looking for some form of local support and only Orbus was able to deliver. Bulla were also pleased with the overall level of responsiveness and flexibility when it came to requests, and the company has been impressed with the continued development of iServer365 and its roadmap.

Bulla’s confidence in Orbus Software was also supported by a glowing reference from Bega Cheese, another Australian Dairy firm and user of iServer365.

"Orbus have a presence here… that’s putting them head and shoulders above the competition...I’ve yet to come across anything that iServer doesn’t do that I’d like to to."

The Result

  • iServer365’s power and ease of use are unmatched at its price point
  • Orbus Software delivered on local, Australian support
  • The Microsoft Suite has always been first choice, enhancing iServer365’s suitability

Getting Started

Bulla is still in the early days of its EA implementation and has not yet explored all of iServer365’s features, but the team is very excited about the potential of the product. The initial setup for iServer was smooth, and Andrew was keen to jump straight in and start producing deliverables.

“iServer 365 holds great potential for Bulla, and I couldn’t wait to begin exploring what it could do. That said, the success of iServer 365 also relied on Bulla having a well-maintained central repository. Once we got to grips with the data requirements, and got our data repository in order, the results started flowing with our implementation.”

Moving forwards, Bulla’s major aim is to begin Business Capability Mapping. As part of the desire to move beyond just IT management, Andrew hopes to internally promote the capabilities of iServer and demonstrate how it can be used to direct investment across the corporation. This is in addition to the tool helping staff to understand capability gaps in a variety of different teams and functions. By January 2022, Andrew aims to hold a series of workshops presenting the complete state of the business, including capability maps, accurate costings and target states.

Alongside this, Bulla hopes to embed some of the iServer365 dashboards into the company intranet, democratizing access to EA across the organization.

"The process of setting up iServer and getting it configured was pretty smooth. We’ve had some great advice from Orbus. We can take the maturity of Bulla, as a whole, to the next level through iServer."

A Cloud-first strategy

For those looking towards their own cloud migration or EA tool, Andrew stressed the value of EA but did highlight the need for patience when populating the repository with the right data. When it comes to EA tools, Andrew also emphasized that “Cloud first” is a strategic principle that cannot be overlooked – a key reason why iServer365 stood out. This is in addition to its ease of setup, ease of use, and the responsiveness of the Orbus team.

Andrew concluded:

"“I highly recommend iServer 365, but also advise to start with a specific use case. Being able to roll out the results of an EA tool throughout your organization also relies on continually building maturity and use cases over time. Don’t plan on building every use case all at once!”


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