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IRAP: You’re in Safe Hands

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Standards like the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) play a critical role in safeguarding data

According to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, 45% of all data breaches in the country in the second half of 2022 resulted from cybersecurity incidents. Robust and secure data management practices are no longer just a luxury but a necessity. 

Securing Public Data: The Importance of IRAP Assessment for Cloud Services

What is IRAP?

cloud security compliance


  • A security assessment program launched by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.
  • Assesses whether cloud services and products meet the strict rules of Australia's Government Information Security Manual.

Why does IRAP matter?

cloud security compliance


  • IRAP has significant potential to protect public data by holding assessed vendors to high-security standards.  
  • Mitigates risk of catastrophic data leaks in the public sector and government organizations.

What does our IRAP status mean to us and our customers?

cloud security compliance


Our SaaS platform OrbusInfinity is IRAP assessed to PROTECTED level. The program’s highest standard for use of the cloud in a commercial environment.

We are committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for all our customers. By meeting IRAP's rigorous standards, we can ensure that our clients can trust us with their data, helping to drive operational transformation, cloud migration, and system modernization securely. 


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"One of the best features of OrbusInfinity is the solutions HUB. This provides a lot of additional features such as integrations with CMDBs, access to reporting and analytics which ensures we can achieve so many areas that are of interest to us."

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Why Orbus

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Orbus, The Open Group, and a Blue Boar


Yesterday Orbus Software took to the Open Group Conference in Westminster London, introducing customers to the latest major release of their flagship platform, iServer 2015.  Armed with brochures, flyers and some spy-esque USB pens, the Orbus team were ready to show why iServer 2015 deserves some attention.

The afternoon event began with a speech from Tim Mitchell, Head of Marketing, who introduced the Orbus Vision. Tim took us on a journey from the genesis of iServer in 2004, to the present launch of iServer 2015, and provided a glimpse of what the future may look like for Orbus and iServer in 2020.

After a brief look at the Orbus Vision’s past, present, and future, we were onto the main event – the demonstration of iServer 2015 by Orbus consultants Russel Jones and Jonas Hulstaert. Jones and Jonas took turns, neatly weaving us through the enhanced usability features and new tool capabilities of iServer. Their demonstration highlighted how the changes to the iServer modeling environment were based not only on the expert knowledge of software designers, but also on the popular requests of customers – those engaging with the tool on a daily basis.

Having seen the enhanced and reformed iServer modeling environment, Orbus’ Manager of Technical Development Rupert Colbourne introduced us to a brand new module – the Live Documents Module, enabling users to import information from the iServer repository into Microsoft Word at the click of a button – producing “live” up to date documents in a flash.

A coffee and shortbread biscuit later and we were invited to the Break-out Sessions. Somewhere between musical chairs and IT Software speed-dating, different members of the Orbus team – spanning consultancy, customer support and account management – moved between tables giving digital presentations of their role in the launch of iServer 2015 and the support offered to customers interested in upgrading, as well as answering general questions. Much was to be learnt, shown if anything by the buzz of noise around the Robert Perks room.

Having spent the afternoon in the warmth of the conference room we were to brave the cold, albeit for two minutes to our final destination of the day – the Blue Boar Bar in Westminster. An abundance of networking, questioning and very soon laughing, joking and canapés followed, as Orbus team members and customers rounded up a very successful day.

Looking back over Wednesday’s event, there is no doubt that the day was a huge success. With the Orbus team learning evermore by engaging with their customers face-to-face we are sure there will be many events of this kind to come!


If you want to find out more about the brand new iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite launched at the Open Group Conference this October then book a demo at the Orbus Software >>



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