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IRAP: You’re in Safe Hands

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Standards like the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) play a critical role in safeguarding data

According to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, 45% of all data breaches in the country in the second half of 2022 resulted from cybersecurity incidents. Robust and secure data management practices are no longer just a luxury but a necessity. 

Securing Public Data: The Importance of IRAP Assessment for Cloud Services

What is IRAP?

cloud security compliance


  • A security assessment program launched by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.
  • Assesses whether cloud services and products meet the strict rules of Australia's Government Information Security Manual.

Why does IRAP matter?

cloud security compliance


  • IRAP has significant potential to protect public data by holding assessed vendors to high-security standards.  
  • Mitigates risk of catastrophic data leaks in the public sector and government organizations.

What does our IRAP status mean to us and our customers?

cloud security compliance


Our SaaS platform OrbusInfinity is IRAP assessed to PROTECTED level. The program’s highest standard for use of the cloud in a commercial environment.

We are committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for all our customers. By meeting IRAP's rigorous standards, we can ensure that our clients can trust us with their data, helping to drive operational transformation, cloud migration, and system modernization securely. 


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"One of the best features of OrbusInfinity is the solutions HUB. This provides a lot of additional features such as integrations with CMDBs, access to reporting and analytics which ensures we can achieve so many areas that are of interest to us."

Enterprise Architect, Healthcare

Why Orbus

Paddy Deller Joins Orbus Software as New CFO

Orbus Software, a leading provider of enterprise architecture and business process management solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paddy Deller as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With a strong background in finance and a wealth of experience in the software industry, Paddy is poised to play a pivotal role in driving Orbus Software's growth and strategic financial initiatives.

Paddy's career journey is marked by notable achievements and diverse experiences. He began his professional path at the likes of Ernst & Young, Gillette and EDS. He then joined Cable & Wireless, where he spent 13 years, including international assignments in Bermuda and Guernsey, where he served as CFO. During his time in the Channel Islands, Paddy played a key role in the successful launch and expansion of mobile businesses in Jersey and the Isle of Man.

After nearly eight years abroad, Paddy returned to the UK in 2012, embarking on a remarkable journey that led him to ActiveOps, a private equity-backed software business based in Reading. As the CFO of ActiveOps, he contributed significantly to the company's growth, overseeing strong organic growth and two acquisitions achieving a remarkable 350% increase in revenue. His leadership and expertise were instrumental in transforming the finance team and streamlining associated platforms and processes. Notably, Paddy guided ActiveOps through a successful Initial Public Offering in March 2021, culminating in the company's listing on the London Stock Exchange AIM market.

Expressing his excitement about joining Orbus Software, Paddy emphasized the energy and enthusiasm he encountered within the organization. He commended the team's dedication to the company's journey and their welcoming nature, which greatly influenced his decision to join. "During my career so far, it has always been my colleagues that have had the biggest impact on my work, and I am excited to join a great team with big ambition,” he said.

In his new position, Paddy aims to build on Orbus Software's existing successes, recognizing the positive work already accomplished in improving systems and processes. While acknowledging that he has much to learn, he envisions further developing the finance function to effectively support the business and contribute to its continued growth.

Paddy's extensive experience in the SaaS sector, coupled with his understanding of the challenges associated with companies of similar size and geographic reach, positions him to bring valuable insights and expertise to Orbus Software. As CFO, Paddy will not only oversee the financial operations but also collaborate with various teams to ensure seamless integration and support across the organization.

Orbus Software warmly welcomes Paddy Deller to the team, confident that his extensive experience, ambition, and leadership will contribute to the company's continued success and expansion. With Paddy on board as CFO, Orbus Software is well-positioned to achieve new milestones and strengthen its position as a global leader in enterprise architecture and decision intelligence solutions.


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