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AI is coming to OrbusInfinity

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AI-driven Enterprise Transformation

The latest feature in our dynamic product journey is soon to be incorporated into our enterprise transformation platform. We’ll continue supporting your transformation initiatives and architectural capabilities by elevating ours.




Reduce manual effort and improve overall effectiveness and accuracy


  • Maintenance and reporting tasks, freeing enterprise architects to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Proactive notifications and insights
  • Recommendations and supporting narratives for improved decision-making
  • Connections between data in different systems
  • Search results for natural language queries
  • Visualizations to present discovered data or answer complex business questions


Faster insights, more efficient outcomes


  • Data processing and analysis, making discoverability richer and easier 
  • Identification of trends, patterns, and outliers to inform future outcomes and opportunities 
  • Analysis of structured and unstructured data, obtaining deeper insights


Become more proactive, adaptive, and efficient in managing enterprise architecture challenges


  • Visibility into operations, delivering efficiency gains 
  • Correlations between disparate data sets, helping architects understand how components and systems interact 
  • Decisions about system design and transformation strategies 
  • Impact analysis to understand potential problems, aiding planning and risk mitigation 

AI and ESG

The intelligent route to sustainability

AI delivers sustainability benefits by improving efficiency, reducing waste, and optimizing resource utilization, helping the drive towards net zero.

  • Make sense of complex data in various sources and non-standard formats for more informed sustainability decision-making 
  • Analyse trends and benchmarking to identify the most valuable sustainability initiatives
  • Leverage predictive modeling and analytics to forecast environmental impacts and proactively address ESG challenges

AI and data privacy

Safeguarding your data in the age of AI



Our introduction of AI-powered applications is aimed at leveraging generative AI capabilities to automate complex tasks, generate valuable insights, and augment intelligent automation in our enterprise transformation tools. This will empower organizations to navigate continuous business and IT transformations more effectively.

Generative AI will augment intelligent automation capabilities of tools and services. For instance, it can enhance how enterprise architecture tools analyze complex data sets, automate routine tasks, and offer real-time insights. This allows enterprise architects to focus more on strategic decision-making and proactive governance.

We prioritize transparent data usage, meaning that users will always be informed about what data is being used, its processing methods, and who has access to it. We adhere to global standards like the EU AI Act and GDPR to ensure ethical AI usage with full transparency, traceability, and human oversight.

AI models can be deployed into private and secure instances. Services like Azure Open AI come with enhanced security, compliance with numerous international and industry-specific regulations, and the option to use your data to fine-tune models without it being used to train public GPT instances.

Azure OpenAI provides users the option to use their own data for model fine-tuning, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. Moreover, with Azure OpenAI, organizations can easily scale their AI capabilities according to their evolving needs.

We're devoted to fostering a community centered on responsible AI usage. We're available to answer any queries and offer guidance on AI ethics and data privacy best practices.

Intelligent future

OrbusInfinity: AI-powered transformation

At Orbus, we recognize the power of AI and are integrating the technology across our product portfolio to support our customers in their quest to transform intelligently. Human-machine collaboration empowers enterprises to navigate complexity for sustainable success.


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