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Native iPaaS for Custom Integration and Workflow Automation

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Welcome to the future of connectivity with Orbusinfinity

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More data for better

The more data you can centralize, enrich and visualize within OrbusInfinity, the wider the range of actionable insights you can provide to the business. This enables you to inform stakeholder decisions across your enterprise and accelerate the delivery of business value.

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Accelerated integration and workflow automation

OrbusInfinity Flow is an Integration Platform as a Service capability native to OrbusInfinity, designed to streamline and enhance your integration process, seamlessly connect your third-party applications, automate workflows, and create a centralized ‘digital blueprint’ driven by live enterprise data.

Extensive Integration  

Connect to your tech ecosystem and business applications with ease 

OrbusInfinity Flow gives you the ability to rapidly create integrations and automate workflows with an extensive range of applications, from ITSM and cloud infrastructure systems to risk management and project governance, to build or enrich an integrated view of your business and IT landscapes.

  • Low-code designer: Build fast integrations without extensive coding. 
  • Powerful software development kit: Extend functionality with advanced development tools. 
  • Streamlined management: Simplify integration deployment and support. 
  • Enhanced user experience: Ensure seamless operations and satisfaction.


Fast, Flexible Integrations

Custom and out-of-the-box integrations at pace

Two distinct integration facilities, Designer and Marketplace, cater to the diverse needs of enterprise architecture teams looking to leverage data from all areas of the organization.


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Build custom integrations and other automations from a library of 150+ connectors and tools for workflow and automation

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Access a library of pre-built premium integrations that can be configured and deployed from within OrbusInfinity

"Engineered to supercharge the integration process, OrbusInfinity Flow allows users to quickly integrate the OrbusInfinity platform with business tools and communication channels, connecting to a vast world of data with unparalleled efficiency."

Tom Graham

Product Manager, Orbus Software

Seamless Integration and Workflow Automation

Explore OrbusInfinity Flow Designer and Marketplace

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Build custom integrations and workflow automations at pace from a library of 150+ connectors

Maximize efficiency and innovation

Drive efficiency and innovation within your organization by automating routine tasks, reducing manual intervention, and freeing up resources to focus on other value-adding activities.


OrbusInfinity Flow Designer offers an intuitive low-code designer combined with a powerful software development kit, allowing developers to build custom integrations quickly and efficiently.

Native to OrbusInfinity

Work within the OrbusInfinity web app to build integrations and use as little or as much as you need. Benefit from increased control, visibility over version history and execution logs.

Comprehensive integration management

Robust features for managing, deploying, and supporting integrations. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, our platform ensures your integrations operate smoothly.

Configure connections and complete data mapping

Use a simple wizard to configure connections and complete data mapping effortlessly. Our intuitive interface guides you step-by-step, ensuring a smooth and straightforward integration process.



Access a library of pre-built premium integrations that can be deployed from within OrbusInfinity

Plug and play

Use plug-and-play capabilities to quickly connect your applications and tools. Avoid complex setup with our library of prebuilt integrations with popular business tools like ServiceNow, Jira, and mor…

Reliability and support

These integrations are built and maintained by experienced developers, ensuring high quality and ongoing support.


The premium integrations available in OrbusInfinity Flow Marketplace will continually scale, providing a range of options that will grow with your business.

Simplify Security

Enhanced data handling and security measures

  • Robust data management
    OrbusInfinity Flow delivers enhanced data handling, offering advanced tools for efficient and accurate data management. Seamlessly integrate and manage your data across multiple applications, maintaining data integrity and accessibility.
  • Comprehensive security
    Prioritize the security of your integrations with OrbusInfinity Flow. Leverage robust protection protocols, including encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring to safeguard your data against potential threats. Ensure your data remains secure and compliant with industry standards, providing peace of mind for your business operations.
  • Empower your business
    OrbusInfinity Flow enables teams to confidently build unique configurations and easily adapt to changes over time. It simplifies the process, offering easy-to-use tools for managing specific integrations, and helping you build the integrations needed to help your enterprise grow.


OrbusInfinity Flow Integration Platform (iPaaS)

Features and Functionality

Yes, AI integration recommendations and other innovative features are currently in development, to be delivered as an option to customers in 2024. We plan to develop these capabilities in collaboration with our customers, collecting feedback and enhancing the versatility of the tool continuously.

Of course! Users can change the configuration of integrations directly within the OrbusInfinity Flow dashboard or can request the assistance of the Orbus Professional Services team.

Premium integrations will be customizable to your specifications, however the applications within Marketplace will not be available in Designer.

The number of workflows is easily tracked via your admin dashboard. Here you can see how many you have used and how many are still available.

A single workflow or “instance” can be used as many times as you require. It can be changed and altered or retired and reused later on. The system is flexible so you can use it however suits your organization.

Setting up a workflow is relatively quick. Of course, depending on your experience with the tool this may vary. Initially building a workflow may take longer as you become familiar with the platform. Once you’re up to speed, you can duplicate and adjust for additional versions or replicate and modify workflows by simply swapping out a few components in the diagram.

Author and Author Draw Licence holders will be the only users able to access the OrbusInfinity Flow feature. Once switched on, the Admin Author can control access to other Author and Author Draw licenced users from their dashboard.

Yes, one of the connectors in OrbusInfinity Flow is the Microsoft Bot Framework. You can use it to send an adaptive card which is similar to a Teams data capture notice. There is a lot of functionality to explore, and this will continue to grow in the future.

The visibility of logs in the repository depends on user roles and permissions. Admins and Author-level users have access to OrbusInfinity Flow and Admins can create roles to extend this access to other users as needed. Access to specific tabs, like components and integrations, is determined by the permissions associated with each role. Contributors can be promoted to Authors, granting them access to OrbusInfinity Flow if required.

Product Support

Yes, Solutions Hub will still be supported. OrbusInfinity Flow will eventually replace the Solutions Hub at some point in the far off future, but in the meantime we will continue to support the Solutions Hub.

Moving forward, all new functionality will be built into OrbusInfinity Flow, the future of integrations< for OrbusInfinity.

The tool is very simple to use and designed for non-technical users. If additional support is required, our customer support team is available to help with any queries you may have to help you get started quickly.

Comprehensive user training materials will be available and shared by our support team.

Marketplace and Recommendations

We would love to hear your suggestions! We are on a collaborative journey with our customers at the centre. Please go to Orbus Product Board and make your recommendation there.

We will use feedback from the product board to prioritize requested applications based on customer value.

Integration and Compatibility

Yes, our professional services team is happy to help in these cases. If you would like support, please discuss your requirements with your account manager.

Currently there are over 150 applications ready to be used for custom integrations in the tool, and this is expected to grow. You can also build custom integrations for products not on the list. If this is of interest, please discuss with your account manager.

Yes, these tools are sold separately to make the tool as flexible as possible for customers. We offer different options for different enterprises depending on your requirements. Please contact your account manager or book a demo with us today to discuss pricing options.

Security and Compliance

All of this information is available in the Orbus Knowledge Base.

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