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Our hosting service for iServer will end on December 31 2024, and maintenance for perpetual licenses will end on December 31 2025.



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OrbusInfinity is already leading the pack when it comes to platforms that help our customers transform smarter.

We’re rapidly building on this success with new investments and capabilities. With the announcement of these changes, we’re offering transparency into our plans for both products. While migrating to cloud will be right for most, we’ll continue to champion and support iServer as the trusted solution for organizations in select markets and sectors who must deploy applications on-premises.

We’re tremendously excited by the value OrbusInfinity is bringing to those customers who have already migrated, and we’re even more excited to show those still considering migration what you can do with OrbusInfinity.


Oliver Hecquer

Oliver Hecquer

Chief Customer Officer

Important Update

What does this mean for existing iServer customers?

📝 We will no longer provide a hosting service for customers of our on-prem enterprise architecture solution, iServer, after Dec 2024.  

📝 Maintenance support for iServer perpetual licenses will end at the end of 2025. After this, iServer will be supported on a subscription-only basis. 

📝 Cloud-ready customers should work with us to plan their migration to OrbusInfinity, our cloud-native platform delivering our latest R&D innovation.

Note: iServer will continue to be supported for subscription, on-prem customers. We want to ensure a seamless experience for all our customers, and our team is here to offer advice and migration support that meets the needs and goals of your business.

iServer → OrbusInfinity



July 2020 Dec 31 2024 Dec 31 2025 January 1 2026
Global launch of OrbusInfinity Orbus hosting service for iServer ends iServer on-prem maintenance ends iServer Support continues for subscription license holders

The migration path 

The process of migrating your data and users to OrbusInfinity is easier than you might think

Assisted by automation tools that minimize heavy lifting. The entire process is overseen by an expert Orbus Consultant, fully conversant in both iServer and OrbusInfinity, and knowledgeable of the key business challenges that customers face.

Expert insight

Hear from Jessica, our Head of Professional Services

Act today

Why migrate to the cloud?

“By 2025, Gartner estimates that over 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms, up from 30% in 2021.”

So, now is the time to act. Our cloud-based enterprise transformation platform, OrbusInfinity, enables organizations worldwide to successfully manage complex change and close the void between strategy and execution.


Orbus Software
Rapid Innovation 

OrbusInfinity is advancing rapidly with R&D for next-gen architecture and AI-driven enterprise transformation.


Orbus Software
Reduce overheads and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Everything you need, with no infrastructure footprint.


Orbus Software
Scale and integrate effortlessly

Effortlessly add users, solutions and off-the-shelf integrations as you grow.


Orbus Software
Enhanced reliability and availability

Benefit from enterprise-grade cloud security tools and certificates (Azure: 2000+ certificates).


Orbus Software
Subscription pricing model

Avoid large upfront costs for additional solutions/capabilities.

Comparing Platforms

iServer vs. OrbusInfinity: A Detailed Comparison

Dive deep into the features, benefits, and differences between iServer and OrbusInfinity with our comprehensive PDF guide.


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