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ROI Calculator

Use our ROI Calculator to accurately measure the return on investment for your enterprise software. This powerful tool helps you understand potential savings and improve decision-making for strategic investments.

A calculator in 3D style to align with Orbus Software's return on investment calculator

How to use the ROI Calculator

Simply input your data and let our calculator do the rest. You’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing your potential ROI, helping you make informed financial decisions.


1Time saved on Decision Analysis

Number of employees doing data collection analysis

Time spent per employee on Decision Analysis (annual hours)

$ 0

Time saved on Decision Analysis

2Time saved on Executive Reviews

Number of employees involved in executive reviews

Time spent before Orbus Software annually (annual hours)

$ 0

Time saved on Executive Reviews

3Applications Sunsetted

Number of applications

Average annual license fee
per application

$ 0

Cost savings associated with 
application rationalization

Total estimated cost saving over 3 years

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1 Time saved on Decision Analysis $0

2 Time saved on Executive Reviews $0

3 Applications Sunsetted $0


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