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Embedding sustainability in every business decision just got easier with Orbus Software's Sustainability Lens.

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Introducing the Sustainability Lens

"Sustainability is a strategic imperative, not an option” - Forbes

The business case for more sustainable operations has never been greater. But for organizations to meet regulations set by governments and affect change, sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) needs to be considered in all business decisions.

This free feature is designed to help you:

  • Gain insight into your organization's current sustainability impact
  • Create a digital 'greenprint' of your organization
  • Consider sustainability in all business and IT decisions
  • Highlight opportunities for incremental improvement

It can be used alongside other sustainability solutions to complement them and build them into your strategy.


Features and Benefits

How can the Sustainability Lens support you?

Through the Sustainability Lens, you gain access to your organization's Sustainability Score, a clear and concise snapshot of your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) maturity. This enables you to take real, deliberate, and informed steps towards addressing your future requirements with resiliency.

The free feature brings a multitude of additional benefits to your organization:

Enhanced visibility

Gain insight into the sustainability efforts you could make to improve the sustainability of your enterprise landscape.

Data-driven decision-making

Harness the power of collaborative data to consider sustainability aspects in proposed business and IT decisions.

Risk mitigation

Identify and mitigate sustainability risks proactively, as you drive transformation and ensure a resilient business.

Stakeholder engagement

Improve transparency and communication with stakeholders, fostering a culture of sustainability throughout your organization while supporting your sustainability initiatives.

Avoid greenwashing

Avoid greenwashing and improve market value by providing more transparency and accountability into your business operations and decisions.

Step-by-step guide

Getting started with the Sustainability Lens

Watch this video for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to begin using OrbusInfinity’s Sustainability Lens.


Sustainability Lens: Everything you need to know


It is a foundational assessment feature that helps OrbusInfinity customers to understand their current state and the impact of their operations, and start conversations around sustainability. It is available in all OrbusInfinity solutions and in selected reports, offering an additional metric of analysis.

It is free and available to all OrbusInfinity customers. The full Sustainability Management Solution will be available in early 2024.

The Sustainability Lens will help organizations to better understand the current state of their enterprise landscape in terms of sustainability. It enables them to embed sustainability considerations into the decision-making process for all business and IT decisions. Users can easily surface these considerations company-wide, bringing sustainability into everyday operations to support business continuity, compliance and adaptation for the future.

Available for deployment through the Solutions Hub, the Sustainability Lens will be added to report packs and data collection points.  

Step 1: Add the Sustainability Lens into the metadata of selected object types. You will now have a Sustainability Score on applications and processes to analyze impacts across the enterprise. 

Step 2: Populate this score meaningfully using the foundational Assessment Surveys to collect sustainability data. These are available for deployment through the Solutions Hub.  

Step 3: Surface your Sustainability Score through existing views, Visio templates and selected reports to analyze data through the Sustainability Lens and embed sustainability in the decision-making process.

It is available in all of our solutions and the majority of our report packs.

Yes. The Sustainability Lens is not designed to replace other sustainability solutions or reporting tools, but rather to complement them and build them into your organization’s holistic strategy.

What’s next?

Coming soon: Sustainability Management Solution

The Sustainability Lens is just the beginning. In early 2024, we will launch the full Sustainability Management Solution, which will be available for all OrbusInfinity users to purchase as part of their solution package.


Sustainability Lens (included w/ OrbusInfinity)Sustainability Management Solution (coming soon)

Establish a point of reference and accelerate knowledge/visibility on the sustainability state of your enterprise landscape, wherever you are on your sustainability journey.

Ensure that business and IT transformations are mapped to ESG standards, such as UN SDGs, to bring traceability into your change decisions.

Consider the sustainability maturity of applications and processes when designing change, to make decisions in line with building a more sustainable enterprise.

Easily assess and surface sustainability aspects of proposed business and IT transformation initiatives to consider those aspects without additional effort when building your roadmap.

Take sustainability aspects into account when considering a change to your enterprise landscape. Assess tradeoffs using familiar reports and common use cases that support your transformation.

Remove the noise and gain insights into areas of business and IT where change would progress sustainability maturity and the agenda of the business.

Seamlessly introduce sustainability as a key consideration when transformation leads are scoping, assessing and prioritizing change to the enterprise landscape, in line with strategic direction.

Senior leadership can gain high-level insights on how investments in the business and IT roadmap progress the organization’s sustainability goals.


Join the conversation

We have a dedicated Sustainable Transformation forum in our OrbusNexus community where we’ll be sharing updates on the Sustainability Lens and upcoming solution. We invite members to collaborate and exchange ideas on sustainability initiatives and best practices. Users can also ask questions, request support, connect with other members, and engage in meaningful conversations about sustainable business transformation.


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